I've been trying so hard.

You don't know how hard I've tried.

Or how hard I'm trying.

Trying to be a good person.

Trying to be kind.

Trying to be forgiving

But no, after what they did to me

No matter how hard I try

I c a n t .

Chapter 1

I don't enjoy this.

I don't even want to touch my hands on this.

Stupid little game.

Full of happy little animals

And blobby monsters being eaten alive by plants

I don't like this.

I never liked it.

But something draws me closer...

v e n g e a n c e

Vengeance for things that have never been set straight.

I c a n t a s t e I t

The game holds s o m u c h of their hearts.

So what if I... ripped everything they worked for

Out of their hands?

Chapter 2


Is best served cold

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