Fman122 Was a very skilled hacker. She spent two years coding her own virus that could never be shut down unless she entered the deactivate code. She loved to see pain and suffering from others, and she would apply it to players on the game Animal Jam. These jamagrams she sent had the virus encoded into them and sent. Hundreds of jammers would cry over the hard work and effort they put into getting the items stolen from them. Fman122 One Day sent a virus to a jammer, BluestarTheCat567. Fman122 laughed and shut down her computer. One day later, she got an email from saying " I will kill you." Fman122 laughed, replying Yeah right, kid. I'm so scared! Fman122 then sent the email and went back to hacking. When Fman122 awoke, a knife was to her neck. This was the end.

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