Vs. Aparri

Wednesday Timmy was super excited to get on Animal Jam today. He typed in his username, bunny[insert string of random numbers here], and his password, [censorship beep so you can't hack Timmy]. He eagerly clicked "Play" and came up to his bunny, Awesome Fastgiraffe. He was exciting to get to trading today. On Tuesday, Awesome had gotten several fox hats and neon bows. He could trade them for more items, like worn blankets or scary bat wings. Maybe even a BLACK LONG SPIKE!!!!! But, if he did get one, he would have to wait until his mom got him membership because he was non member.

Anyways, he tried to get into the popular trading rooms. Aldan was full, WisteriaMoon's place was full, and WootMoo's was too. If he couldn't get into Aparri's, he would have to wait. He typed "Aparri" into the buddy search engine and clicked the den button on the card. Timmy crossed his fingers. It would probably be full like Wisteria's and Wootmoo's and Aldan. He would probably have to go to Sol Arcade and play Sky High or Best Dressed.

Miraculously, he got in! It was an empty Lucky Castle. Why was it empty? It was a popular trade spot. In the middle, was the real Aparri!!!! Wow!!!!!

"hi apple are i" Awesome spoke. His words were chunky 'cause he had no free chat. "do you want to trade"

Aparri didn't turn around. He said "Ew, get out of here!"

"what" Awesome said shocked.

"I'm doing a den decorating. Get out!"

Awesome was locked out of Aparri's den. As Timmy clicked "LOG OUT", he screamed "I WILL MURDER APARRI!!!" like an 8 year old playing Call of Duty.

Thursday: The Pterodactyl Update

Timmy got on Animal Jam, despite the incident on Wednesday. He wanted say goodbye to his buddies, as he was going to quit later.

Then the newspaper popped up for bunny[insert string of random numbers here]. On the front was a purple creature resembling Ridley from Metroid. The words read "PTERODACTYLS ARE HERE!" Timmy was surprised! Animal Jam gave no sign of a new animal. The Pterodactyl animal was in the Diamond Shop and it was non-member too. It could also fly and do the Forgotten Desert. Timmy closed the paper and didn't read anything about the other new stuff. Forget quiting. He was getting a pterodactyl.

With the Diamonds he had received from AJHQ after complaining about scamming he got a pterodactyl. He named it Major Majormajor. Then he got an idea. It was the perfect time to get revenge since Aparri logged on.

Aparri was doing a video on the new update.

"Well, I don't have enough diamonds for the new pterodactyl, but I feel like I should get the new den first." Aparri spoke into his microphone.

Then, Major came in. Aparri talked into the mic again "Oh, there's a pterodactyl now."

Major said "remember me apple are i"

Aparri recognized Major. "Hey, you're the bunny that came into my den decorating." the famous jammer said in Animal Jam.

Then Major said "ends nn"

Aparri fell over. Major took his valuable things. Then he went off to vanquish his enemies such as Wretched Jungle.

The End. :)