A poem I had to write in grade 6. Don't judge, and leave constructive criticism in the comments. Stormclaw of RiverClan (talk)

My mom says I need glasses.

But I can still see masses,

Of those letters I can read.

I squint my eyes to see.

"I don't need glasses, look at me!"

Dad knows I can't read fine print,

But hey, I just need a hint,

To read these little words.

If I yell, "Glasses are for nerds!"

My parents will just say, "Not all nerds need glasses."

I have a friend named Wallis,

Who I think is a know-it-all.

He always bumps into walls

So his parents got him spectacles.

Maybe glasses aren't so bad,

So I ask my dad.

He takes me to the optometrist.

I think he looks like an owl.

I try not to bawl,

At the thought of being nerdified.

So I try to hide.

Dad finds me anyway,

And there's no hope of being saved.

The eye doctor gets me goofy looking glasses.

I hope no one sees me like this,

Of course we're the only ones left.

When I get home,

My mom rewards me with ice cream in a cone.

She thinks I look cool.

And guess what,

I think I look cool with glasses!

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