So, basically when I was three, my family found out my hearing ability was a gift, and how the gift works is, If i'm really committed, I can listen to music on youtube, repeat it in my mind and quickly learn it on the piano.

When I was around eight, my mom decided to get me a actual grand piano. So, she kept my keyboard, incase we moved, but she bought me a really old grand piano.

The piano descended from a pianist or something, but he died, and it passed on to his son, who also died, and it was then passed on to me. ( Note, they died of old age, this piano isn't cursed or something.)

Ever since we bought the old piano, which I named "Rosy", Weird sht begun to happen, like the piano playing when nobody was on it, or the piano giving off a really eerie green light when it was pitch black. My family, being mixed culture ( Christian, Atheist, and Buddhism,) Had their own theories. My Christian side of the family thought that the piano was being possessed by a demon, and suggested holy water and crosses.

My Buddhist side of the family thought that it was the spirit of the former owners, and my Atheist side, thought that we were all just imagining.

Long story short, we sold the piano and moved, so the house is still ours, but our Grandma, Aunt, and Cousin Brother moved in.

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