A young shadowed pony (about teenage age) clambered out of a clean pool in the sewers. "I saw the light, I saw the light, no more darkness, no more night." She whispered. She yearned to bust open that trapdoor, which she peeked out of many times, but she knew not to go out. That beautiful song, she had to hear it. She had learned it by a old traveler that dared to go down. It was a accident, no- a coincidence. "Travis," was his name. The old kangaroo had taught her it, many times with a violin. One time she saved a fairy, who gave her a wish. "I wish to see the light, the day." she had whispered. And Mage had let her. She was fascinated! The horses led wagons to safety, carrying merchandise. But she never saw it again. Sadly, she was now confined to the darkness. She lit the candle in her room. It was very 'bright'. A poster was on her wall, a very fancy bed (bunk bed) was laying next to it. She put the candle on her cedar table, and took out her amulet. "I wish.... I could....... see someone." She whispered and a tear slipped onto it. It glowed and went out. She was dissapointed. "And now it won't work." She exclaimed, tears streaming into a small hole. She sighed and took some water into a sewer filter (which she made), and put it in a iron cup. She drank and took some food out. She ate some lettuce, and climbed into a bed. A wonderful dream.....

I saw the li-ight, I saw the li-ight, no more darkness, no more night. Now I'm so happy, no sorrow in sight! Praise, the lord, I saw the light.

Chapter 1

She woke and found that blood trailed on the floor. She turned her bunk into a cot and ran out. Her diadem jingled as she put the gem inside the amulet into the diadem. It fit perfectly! she followed it and nearly bumped into a arctic wolf. "Excuse me?" The wolf whispered. "Yes?" Athena quietly asked. "Where- where am I? All I remember is a blinding flash of light- and Mira. Telling me something." Athena wasn't listening. "You mean you live in the light?!" She squealed. The arctic wolf laughed. "Zios yeah! Don't you?" "N-no..." She whispered, "Well, I'm Juno. The arctic wolf alpha." Juno yapped. Athena gave a small grin. "Are okay? As in no scratches?" "Y-yeah..." "Hm?" "Fine, fine. Yes, I am not ok. I... uh... might've hurt- ow!" She yelped as she put her foot to the ground. "Thats, a sprain. Its swollen. Here." Athena let her climb onto her back. Juno winced as she clambered unsteadily onto her. Athena walked over to her cot and slid Juno on. Juno was exhausted, so Athena took some meat from the fridge. Juno ate eagerly, licking the plate clean.

(AThena's view)

Thats odd. Why would Juno come into the sewers? I'm very confused. She's sleeping now, thank goodness. But still, doesn't she like the light? Um.... never mind. I need rest.

(main story)

After they were awake, Athena gave her water. Juno yawned.

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