~Author's Note~

Hey everyone! 

This is a collab by Cat and Katy!


"H-hello?" The otter's voice trembled as she slowly stepped into the cave.

"Don't be silly Rosey, there's no one down here, Claws was only being an idiot!"

"I know there is, Enchanted!" Rosey turned around and snapped at the other with such a ferocity that he shut up. "I felt it."

All of a sudden, the stone cave walls began to rumble, and Enchanted began to run out of the cave. "Rosey! Get out!"

Rosey ignored Enchanted and began to walk forward. Large chinks of debris began to rain down, and still Rosey kept stepping.

"Rosey!" cried Enchanted, her voice breaking. She rushed forward into the cave, clawing through the rubble, and Rosey was still there. She had stopped.

But in front of Rosey was a large, scaly animal. Enchanted had only to look up, and she felt her body grow cold, freezing almost.

She heard a hissing noise, and then all was silent. She gazed at Rosey from her position.

Rosey then turned around slowly, and all Enchanted could see was her fur.

"I belong here," she rasped. She smiled.

Enchanted jerked her head up, and then she saw it. Rosey's eyes.

Ice blue.

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