Few players bother questioning Animal Jam- a (seemingly) utopian land of clothing shops, roleplaying, and trading. Fair as they seem, AJHQ has never revealed much about the past of the game: after Mira, before the "first" version, which is what we know as Beta. Why?

It all started with the small group of players that originally began as a gaming blog group, and that the Headquarters invited in to review the game for future players. At that time, there was no Township, no slides in the forest, no laboratory or Chamber of Knowledge. It was all dense green woodlands, the sun shining through the foliage and warming the furs-and hearts- of the few residents.

So they were happy.


One of the gaming bloggers decided to meet with one of his new friends in a certain clearing, which would later become the Temple of Zios. This player was the youngest of the group, and he joined their entourage late. Essentially, he was the runt of their litter, and was not well respected by anyone, be it AJHQ or his fellow players. His name, to this day, has been undisclosed, but they called him "The Kid." Resentful. Spiteful. Undeserving. They all described him as such, He got lost, and found himself by a small pond, frozen with that year's winter. The Kid sat down by it, and stared at the moon, which shone down upon the ice.

"They want me to change. It's impossible..." he thought to himself.

Sighing, he stood up, only to slip onto the ice. Panic lit his gaze, and he scrambled. There was a crack, and the sound of water crashing down filled the room, blasting out of his speakers.

"What the~" he swore, No! Is this my punishment? The last thing he saw were the eyes of the five other gamers, all watching in pity. Doing nothing, just watching...

The screen went dark, and they all dissapeared beneath the waves.

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