A black arctic wolf beamed with popularity. Many jammers yelled and hollered for him to trade them.

"What for your fox hat?"

"What for that rare beard?"

"What for your founders' hat?"

The black wolf teleported to his den and locked it as fast as he could to escape the raging trade mob. He settled down onto a rare porch swing and sighed. The person controlling him logged off, but he stayed. This was how he always was. He sent a friend request to a kid who was wanted to trade him.

The kid came and showed off all the rares he had on his panda so he could trade. "Hey kid, are you a GOOD jammer?" he asked.

"I am! Im a inosent 7 year old!" He replied with terrible grammar.

"Hmm... I DON'T think so!" The black wolf replied.

Suddenly the kid controlling him was forced to log off. The rare panda stood in awe when its strings and master had left him.

"Remember when you SCAMMED another person?"

The room had changed completely dark. The panda looked around, only to feel a sharp pain in his eyes.

Claws stabbed and clawed at his eyes. The panda screamed. Blood flowed from the wounds.

With the claws still inside his eyes, it tugged. Suddenly a small lightbulb came on, but it was dim.

The panda noticed it was the popular black wolf. It tugged harder. And harder.

The eyes were pulled from it's sockets.

The arctic wolf snatched the eyes from his own sockets and replaced them with the panda's. He placed the panda's eyes in his eye sockets and placed the old eyes into the head of a koala, which was seated on a large table.

The arctic wolf then cursed the panda. Two tiny red dots appeared in the holes.

"If only I can see you." It said.

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