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Yo yo yo. I'm writing a new story. Here's a few imporant things.

1) No, this isn't replacing Soulless Chronicles.

2) Yeah, I wanted a short break.

3) Yes, now I'm back.

4) No, this will not be a series.

Now...Lettuce begin! (Salad pun)


Animal Jam was, is, and always will be a normal childrens game. I stopped playing a year back. But there was one thing nobody cared about. Except for me. Questions that the continuity of a children's game could not reach.

Can I live forever?

What's up with the brigde and the ice?

How can this currency be translated to American Money?

Those are questions a curious teenager would ask. Since I happen to be one who got those answered, I can tell you the story of many things, many curious things indeed. But I'll spare you your time and hapiness, and tell you what nobody else wanted to really know about. The ignored backstory of how the land came to be, and how it all ties in to something many people want.

Eternal life.

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