It was a sunday. I was on my main account. I teleported into Jamaa Township, witch had more rare beggars than usual... I saw a new jammer screeching to go to Mt Shiveer to break the ice.I never do, its not possible to get free membership, and I dont need it anyways. But this time I did go, out of boredom. I moved Infinity onto the ice and made him hop with the rest of the jammers.

Three. Hours. Later. Nothing. 'XD why am i still here?' i typed. The last wolf left. Just Infinity on the ice now... There was a loud splitting crack. There was now a gaping hole in the ice. Infinity stared into it, i saw his eyes were wide. Some jammer pushed him in and everythink went black.

A century later after laggy loading, I was in a dark cold room. why did my hands look weird? Or PAWS? I couldnt stand up. Did I have..... gazel antlers? I became Infinity???!?! Something caught my eye. Some wolves and a tiger. I knew them. Fman. Wretched Jungle. Lost Jammer. Fman steped closer to me. "Do you remember me Dog?" he asked. I nodded. Lost and wretched glared at me from the far wall. I was in..Greely's lair? No. the room was black, with small purple flowers, like at the adventure base. The Untitled Room. I made it there after looking. Now I didnt want to be there. Fman grinned and the others joined. He hit me with something, and the room spun away.

I woke up face down on my keyboard. i logged in. a few seconds later, the banned message came up. I saw the hackers grinning and laughing in the dark background. I could never make a new account.So please, read the sighn and dont break the ice.

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