Evil Emo Wolf

This is me. If you see me, you better run to another server, because that's the only way to escape my wrath. But... I WILL find you!

This is who I am. A ruthless killer, a madwolf - a serial killer. But in the beginning, I wasn't always like this. Back in the beta days, there used to be a hair salon in Jamaa Township that allowed you to buy different modern styles of hair. They came in different colors and had strips of color, of course. This barber's shop, however, required you to type in a code in order to unlock it. The code was partyrockhair, which was left for Jammers to discover. I was only nothing more than an NPC in the game, the owner of the store. In fact, I was a bloody jackal, but most people would confuse me for a wolf, which was OK with me. However, I didn't exactly have any hair - I had a nice bonnet, which all the girls would rage for. One bright day in Jamaa Township, however, there was the emo event at the store. Having a blast creating animal's hair in the back room, my bonnet accidently slipped off and got shredded in a machine, revealing my plain, white-furred head. Afraid to get caught without my bonnet, I quickly snatched a girl's emo hair and plopped it on my head - it attached itself to me - and I came out, brandishing all the hot new hair styles of the event. Everyone was ADORING my new hair, which I proudly waved about. I didn't even feel ashamed for losing my bonnet at all! Whipping out my scissors, I let one of my customers sit down in a salon chair and have their hair of choice placed onto their head. Rising my paw with the scissors in it, I cut the patient's hair when I made a mistake - the mistake that made me insane. I slipped, cutting the head's flesh and releasing a deliciously bloodcurdling scream. My patient was an innocent bunny, and rabbits being particularly weak, I immediately removed the hair and began stabbing Little (she was the bunny) until her eyes rolled over, showing the sign of her death. All the ANIMALS were very lovely screaming, but they couldn't ESCAPE because the DOOR WAS LOCKED!!!! Suffocation with my tail, more stabbing, death by my beautiful teeth - it was limitless to what things in the salon could kill! There was this one specific fox with a short black wrist whomn I KILLED with an overdose of red hairspray - the red hairspray reminded me of blood - and I stole the prized anklet. Fitting it onto my own ankle, I loved how the spikes were just so sharp and had a possibility to KILL! The only animal surviving my wrath was a red wolf with a bubblegum pink underside, and the top fur being red, I knew the alphas wouldn't be able to see the LOVELY BLOOD! I grabbed Master (the wolf I'm attacking) and thrust my spiked ankle into his back, creating AWESOMELY DEEP INJURIES! Smelling the iron-like smell of blood was so satisfying, and my bloodstained spike wrist was no exception. Exiting the salon, I escaped into the forest, and the Alphas will NEVER be able to find me!

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