Chapter 1

"Okay class, 5 more minutes until dismissal!" My teacher, Adrianna called out. I slammed my face onto my desk. 5 more minutes for me is equal to 5 more hours. I felt something poke my back. I looked behind me and saw a paper plane on the ground, as my guy classmates laughed at me. I glared at them and faced in front. Stupid idiots, I thought. The school bell finally rang, and I ran out of the classroom with my bag, slumping in front of the main gate, waiting for my parents to fetch me. My parents arrived and picked me up. I imagined all the fun I would do playing Animal Jam all weekend while looking at the car window. I was especially excited for the last episode of Dawn of The Alphas because I really love Animal Jam mythology and it's pretty sad most jammers don't care about it. When we arrived at the house, I plopped my bag onto the floor and ran to my laptop turning it on.

I logged onto Animal Jam using my account, Spellbinding, and played as my bunny, Enchanted Frillylily. It was busy as usual. Jammers trading here and there, Jammers yelling to bring back the Beta days, and nonmembers crying over no membership. Just then, a doorbell sounded, meaning someone was in my den. As I clicked on the den icon and the loading screen appeared, I was hoping it would be one of my buddies, but when I saw who it was, my jaw dropped.

It was Mira.

Chapter 2

"M-Mira?" I typed in. "Yes, Jammer, it is me." Mira replied with a voice. "But, I-I thought you were-" "Gone? I'm afraid not, Spellbinding. I need you." Huh? What does she need me for? And why? I thought, my hands shaking with excitement. "Spellbinding, a virus has been corrupting Jamaa, and we need you. Please, would you help us?" Mira put her wing through the screen, motioning for me to hold onto it. I hesitated at first, but then, I realized that, Jamaa,

Was another dimension in need of our help. I held her wing, and Mira pulled me through. As I was going inside, I passed out. I woke up and looked at my surroundings. I was in my Animal Jam den. This, wasn't a dream? I thought. I hopped around it, admiring my skills at den decorating. I realized I had to do something, so I looked for Mira, but she was gone. I was confused. "What am I supposed to do now?" I asked myself. I decided to teleport to Jamaa Township, and I did. It was empty, except for a wolf, tiger, bunny, koala, monkey, and a panda. My eyes widened and my ears twitched in excitement. The very Alphas, were here. Right in front of me, moving, living, breathing. "How did you get into the Alpha's Server?!" Peck asked, surprised that a jammer was here. "Um," I began. "I was sent here by Mira?" I said in the most respectful voice I can do.

"You must be the jammer Mira talked about. Follow me." Liza said warmly, as she led me and the other Alphas to a land that wasn't available in the World Map. It was a camp, filled with beautifully carved crystal statues of the Alphas you see in the Mystery Emporium. It was a beautiful sight, with the sunlight shining down on them. I stopped to capture the moment in my memories. "Beautiful, isn't it?" Liza said, beaming with pride. "Sure is," I said in awe. Liza and the other Alphas started to leave, and I followed them before I could get lost.

We went inside a tent, where a rhino, raccoon, and crocodile sat, appearing to be waiting for someone. I realized, that they were Ruby, LaSalle, and Cornelius themselves!

Chapter 3

"You must be the jammer from the other world." Cornelius said. He looked exactly like the default crocodile design, but he was standing on his tail, he wore an eyepatch which isn't like the one you see in stores. It was rather more detailed and designed. He also had on a pirate jacket, which I'm guessing from his appearance he's a pirate. "Oh Corny, you need to spice your welcome a bit!" Ruby said hopping. She wore that strap thing on her horn, and wore a tail armor similar to Greely's. "Ruby, you're creating an earthquake," LaSalle shook his head. He wore a jacket similar to Cornelius' and the hat and curly wig without the wig.

"H-Hi," I said, bowing. Ruby happily said, "No need to bow!" Cornelius simply rolled his eyes. "Anyways, you know perfectly why you're here. The virus is slowly taking over. We don't know, if it got to Mira. But when me and Ruby went to where the virus was, he-he was," LaSalle began shaking. "W-What is it?" Peck asked, shaking as well.

"The virus, he-he is, Zios."

Chapter 4

"Zios?! But he's the Sky Father of Jamaa! How could he possibly turn his back on all of us?!" I said, shocked. LaSalle sighed. "I'm guessing you're used to the sugarcoated version of the origin story, am I right?" I nodded. "LaSalle, you know we are forbidden to ever tell that tale! Especially to a jammer!" Greely said, anger written all over his face. I shivered at the sound of his voice. He already looked terrifying enough. "But she might be the prophesied jammer! Have you even thought about that?" Cosmo said. Greely still looked angry. "What if she's not?"

"Greely, it's already quite obvious she is the one to save us all!" Liza yelled angrily. An emotion of jealousy and hatred flashed in his eyes. "Mira might have chosen the wrong jammer!" The wolf alpha glared at Cosmo. "Have you thought about that?!"

While the three alphas were arguing, I secretly slid out of the large tent and ran, tears streaming down my face. Why me, out of all the millions of other jammers?! I thought. I never asked to be part of this prophecy thing! Why not some other alpha? I just wanna go home..

I kept running as fast as my tiny muscles can take. Eventually, I got tired, like any other living creature, and settled down in a shaded place. "TAKE ME BACK!" I screamed at the sky. "I JUST WANNA GO BACK HOME! PLEASE! TAKE ME BACK!" I broke down crying.

"So you want all of Jamaa to d-di-die?" A seemingly glitched voice said. I turned around, surprised.

"Who- no, what are you?!"

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