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Chapter 1

Night had fallen on the Animal Jam Wiki. Most of the users were asleep at their computers, but a few still typed groggily. Music played from a few of their computers.

At the end of one row, Silver typed quietly on his computer. The quiet harmonica of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska played around him. On one side, Gray, bureaucrat of the Animal Jam Wiki, slept, head on his keyboard. Technically, bureaucrats had their own individual quarters, but Gray had steadfastly refused to use his, and lived in the quarters with the rest of the users.

Silver leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes. Without effort nor thought, he entered that state where one is not entirely asleep, but they are not conscious of their surroundings. It's a state we all know.

In his eyes, no sooner had he closed them than he was jolted back to full consciousness by a clamoring and screaming.

A metallic rod had appeared in the center of the table, fully five feet long and two feet wide, slightly tapered until it reached a pyramid at the top. It was square in build, similarly to...

"The Washington Monument!" Gray blurted out. He was one of those "I-talk-before-thinking" people we've all met one time or another.

A ragged circle had formed around the table where the obelisk stood, with the righted users farther in, protecting the rest. Silver and two other users, Basil Karlo and Agent Spy, joined them.

Slowly, cautiously, Gray stepped forward and touched the obelisk. It did nothing. He poked it with a pencil. It did nothing.

"Whaddya want me to do, tap-dance around it?" he muttered. Light glowed feebly, and then was extinguished. It was aqua blue, the color of a tropical sea. Illuminating the scared faces of the users, just for a moment, it prompted Gray to take off his hat, bow to the obelisk, and tap his sneakers on the wooden floor a few times. The light glew brighter.

Gray announced, "It appears to want us to tap-dance. I can't. Can anyone else?"

Basil stepped forward, his face flushed in the dim light of the stars outside. "I can," he said in the smallest voice imaginable. When no one heard, he raised his voice a little. "I'll do it!"

Putting a few feet in front of the other, Basil Karlo tap-danced magnificently. Silver half-heartedly clapped a few times, and then stopped as the blue light glew blinding.

When the light dimmed to a manageable level again, Gray and one of two other bureaucrats, Uni, were both wearing identical pairs of black sunglasses.

Gray took them off, blinked a few times, put them back on, and said in a Morpheus voice, "What if I told you that these sunglasses don't work?" He was interrupted when the surface of the obelisk began to move.

Gray, Uni, and the third bureaucrat, Chief, crouched and watched as words materialized, a lighter blue, highlighted against the sea-blue light.

Wikia is littered with dead wikis, abandoned by their creators, who cared naught for helping them, but just wanted to feel powerful creating something. Most are pointless wrecks, poked at once in a while, but mostly left to suffocate and die on their own. Your wiki is near the center of Wikia. But mine is far, far from it. An age of dusty, hot dirt has accumulated between us two. There are dangers many, and you must face them. Pick your group. Fifteen, and fifteen only. If you pick more, they will not make it here. Fifteen. Come to me, at the edge of where the stars flee forever. And save me. For your survival depends on it.

There was utter, stone-hard silence for three perfect seconds, and then Gray spoke. "I'll get to packing, then."

Chapter 2

There was no discussion, no thought of mutiny. Gray and the other bureaucrats were set on it. They would go to help this wiki, whatever it was.

All that was left was to pick who would go.

Gray stood at a head of excited users, leaning back with a highly volatile expression on his face. He then called, "Okay, everyone shut up, we'll pick!"

The crowd did not shut up.

Gray grabbed the nearest microphone and yelled into it, "EVERYONE - SHUT UP!

Everyone shut up.

Gray then said, in a more conversational tone, "Okay. The three bureaucrats are going. We'll bring Night from the admins; the rest are needed to run the wiki. For other people, Pup and Caspiea are a given. Harry, Hurri and Koala are coming too. That's 9. I think... hmm..." he bent and talked to Uni and Chief in hushed tones. There was some argument, judging by their hand-waving.

Finally, Gray straightened up. "...Cody, Jeff, Silver, Lily, Silver and Flaming."

An uproar ensued. "Jeff's not active!" "Silver's too new!" "Lily's Klint's sister!" "Flaming is banned!"

Gray roared into the microphone, "SHUT UP! We've decided, don't bother arguing." He had the look in his eyes - a look that meant it was safer to agree than to fight. Gray had a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Everyone shut up, for the second time that night.

Gray calmed down. "Those of you who were picked, get some travel clothes ready. And weapons. We'll need them, I bet."

Chapter 3

Jeff paused in his packing and straightened up in the room he shared with Gray, Silver and Flaming. He looked strangely unconfident. "What's going to happen to us out there?" he murmured quietly.

Flaming chimed in from his cage in the corner of the room. "Probably we're all gonna die, and this is a plot by Klint or Anniekin or something. I should pack my teddy bear. 10/10 worst trip ever."

Gray, shaken, tried to look confident. "We'll be okay. Just pack some good weapons and armor, and we'll do fine." He picked up a large, red trident and used it to pick the lock on Flaming's cage, ignoring his friend's indignant "10/10 roasted Flaming," dig.

Silver said nothing, just continued sharpening his sword and axe. He knew he was one of the strongest fighters on the trip, and would need to be ready. A master of all weapons from his homeland of Hexxit, he knew all of the tricks in the book. They would need him to protect the others.

Downstairs in the main room, Diamond and Gray were having a discussion.

"I don't see why I shouldn't go with you guys!" Diamond said hotly. Gray retorted, "We need you here, Diamond. If the bureaucrats die out there in the badlands, you're the next wiki leader."

Diamond stopped arguing and left the room quietly.

Walking out the door with Chief and Uni by his side, Gray read the map he had clutched in his hand, then pointed west. The sun was rising at their backs, and the stars disappeared to the western horizon. He nodded solemnly. "That's where we're supposed to go."

Then he burst out laughing. "Was that solemn enough?" He doubled over, giggling. Chief hit him on the head.

With a sigh, Silver wondered how this trip was going to be.

They traveled west, fast and hard. No major dangers were met, just a few passing trolls that Silver dispatched quickly with but a flick of his longsword. They were not opponents, but rocks in their path. Silver knew much worse was to come.

Soon, they left the borders of Wikia's last wikis, with some small wikis with dimly glowing lights lingering sadly at the edge of the barren plateau.

Thunder rolled across the dry, dusty plains of dirt as dry lightning struck craters in the cracked earth.

"This is the end of the world," Cody gasped.

Chapter 4

As the group began to bed down for the second night, the sun sinking down past the horizon they were travelling to in a blaze of blood, the wind picked up. Lightning struck a mere 20 feet from a shocked Jeff, who sat down hard. Gray chuckled as he pulled a staff out of the band on his back.

He raised it to the sky and shouted, shooting into the sky with it. He changed direction, zipping and swirling around the growing tornadoes with increasing speed. Silver took a cue from him and blasted at the base of the tornadoes with bolts of shadow from his Shadowbeam Staff.

"What are you doing!" Chief yelled, grabbing his wrist. "You'll just make more wind!"

Silver wrenched his grip away. "These aren't normal! They're enemies, not just storms! I need to use magic to defeat them!"

Chief stood, helpless, shielding most of the group from the storms. Gray kept himself airborne, but the wind was becoming too strong. Still, he kept himself up, launching fireballs into the storm and lighting it from the inside.

Uni backed up to the rest of the group, launching bolts of brightly colored magic at the closing tornadoes. Jeff joined her, holding a flower to the sky as if it would shoot fire - which it did.

The tornadoes started picking up members of the group: Cody, Flaming (screaming and launching various magical projectiles the whole time), Night. Chief's feet were sliding from where she stood her ground. Gray fell back to earth, exhausted.

Finally, he and Silver gave a last effort. Shadow and fire combined, Inferno Fork and Shadowbeam Staff, and blasted two tornadoes to shreds. Uni's multicolored bolts and Jeff's fireballs finished off the other two.

"T-t-that was close," shuddered Night, looking around nervously.

Chapter 5

Silver, scratched and exhausted, sank down on a bedroll between Flaming and Gray. Gray, asleep, did not respond, but Flaming did. "Hey, I know what's going on here!" he whispered swiftly to Silver, who nodded to show he was listening. Flaming continued. "This is the badlands, beyond Wikia, right? So this is where all bad people go! We're facing every horror this wiki has ever faced."

Silver opened his eyes wider, then sank down on his bedroll, propped up on his elbow so he could still hear.

Flaming finished his explanation with, "Those tornadoes - Tornado. And the werewolf you just got in a fight with-" he looked at Silver's scratches and the silver-black blood on his battleaxe - "is probably Werewolvesrock."

Gray, awakened by Flaming's exciting whispering, got a worried look in his eyes. "We've got a long way to go then."

They managed to travel two whole days without anything bad happening - and then it did.

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