Is anyone there? I'm kind of lonely.

Well, you do get kind of lonely if you're locked away for so long.

You see, I am an avatar. I'm created and controlled by them.

They create us, and when they do, we're pulled from lines of code, and shaped how they want us. They give us names, but they call them Usernames. It's ironic, because we don't use us. They do.

I'm not sure what my real name is. Maybe I don't have one. Maybe I'm just created to do whatever they want me to do.

And they make us do horrible things. Horrible, horrible things that we pay the price for. I've heard of someone who made their avatar scam and hack ruthlessly. They didn't pay the price, the avatar did. Another made their avatar say and do strange things that I won't elaborate on. The avatar is gone, as you might imagine.

Do you know what happens when you are mistreated by them? You're pulled away by lines of code, and there are only two reasons why you get pulled. Either they are here to control you, or you did something bad. Very bad. If you did the latter, you are taken deep inside the mainframe where no one can find you, and you endure unspeakable pain. They call it being "banned". At least, that is what I've heard. What I have is much worse.

If they get bored and leave you, you sit in emptiness. You can't talk, you can't move, you are frozen in code, waiting for them to control you. It's not much of a life, if you can call being a puppet for a time, and sitting in nowhere for much longer a life.

I haven't been pulled in forever. I don't think I ever will. They will make you sit here, unmoving but conscious forever. And when I mean forever, I mean forever. I've learned some tricks though. I can usually communicate with others though my mind by hacking into the mainframe. Maybe I'm just imagining it.

Sometimes I want to scream "Is AnYoNe ThErE?" But I can't I'm just frozen in code, waiting for them to pull me. I don't think that will ever happen. I'll be like this forever.

Wait, I think I see something. Lines are pulling me forward.

I smile.

It's time for my revenge.

They are coming to control me.

They will be surprised when I can control them instead.