Welcome to the first book of Island of the Skulls. This is a book about a island close to the edge of Jamaa and the people living in it. So let's begin.

This is rated PG-13 for some language and scary things.

Chapter 1: Island of the Skulls

A large 15 year old wolf sat on his bed looking at a picture of Jamaa Derby with the last year winning horse on it. "Gee if only i could ride." The wolf said. "Aiden!' His mom called. "Aiden quickly put his jacket on and rushed towards the door.

A young 12 year old lynx was staring at the tv as his brother bugged him. " Danny, Danny, Danny," His 14 year old brother teased him " Quiet, Ace i'm watching Phantom CSI" Danny said to Ace. Danny and Ace heard a knock at the door. " It's Aiden I'll get it." Ace quickly rushed towards the door and opened it.

" Bike ready?" Ace asked Aiden. Yeah. I'll get the jackets.'' Aiden quickly rushed towards the jacket hanger. They biked to the township of Jamaa.

Chapter 2: The Arctic Phantom

The two parked their bikes on the Greely street and started walking the newspaper stand. " Trudge trudge trudge." Ace said as he walked along. " Stop it." Aiden pushed his friend to the side.

''Good day kids any comics you wanna buy?" The newspaper seller asked them. Soon a phantom looking arctic wolf budged past them in anger. "HEY WATCH IT PUNKS!" The phantom yelled at them. The phantom trudged past them clutching a newspaper from the stand throwing 5 gems on it.

Aiden quickly snatched his sword and hit the phantom on the armor and the phantom grasped him and threw him on the ground and Ace and Earl rushed towards him picking him up and taking him back to his bike. "Why I'm gonna get that phantom if it's the last thing I do!. Aiden yelled making a fist. at the back of him. "Just hold off for now." Ace said. And they rode their bikes off.

Chapter 3: The Snowy Mountain Of Jamaa

Aiden set his bike down and went to look for Jade

3 A half characters

AnimalJam 39

Ace the lynx

AnimalJam 776

Aiden the wolf

AnimalJam 5wot

Danny Ace's younger brother

AnimalJam 10dun fun din

The phantom wolf