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This is the story of how the Dinosaurs and Ice Age Animals existed in the world of Jamaa.


When Zios and Mira created the universe of Jamaa, there was a huge land farther from the lands of Jamaa. There were two lands together named: Ice Aurona and Dimara, two lands that had ancient land and sea beings, their names are known as Ice Age Mammals and Sea Creatures and the big reptilian beings called the Dinosaurs that roamed the farther lands of Jamaa in Dimara. The two lands had stone and ice temples and castles and many exotic formations and architecture with the prehistoric animals’ statues and more. The two prehistoric species had Alphas too, as some of the prehistoric animals were forming a group who had wisdom and led the animals to places and was teaching them the dangers of their lands such as falling from cliffs or getting lost in a frozen cave. The Alphas names were: Tyron the Tyrannosaurus Rex Alpha, Trina the Triceratops Alpha, Stegro the Stegosaurus Alpha, Para the Parasaurolophus Alpha, Matthew the Mammoth Alpha, Sakaro the Saber-Tooth Tiger Alpha, and Ganti the Giant Sloth Alpha. There are many more ancient Alphas out there in the two ancient lands of Dimara and Ice Aurona.

However, there were problems with the Ancient Alphas worrying about the two lands future and becoming optimistic about it. "Sakaro: What will happen to this land of ours? the people here will all die from something and the lands will get destroyed but what is it?!?!" exclaimed the Saber-Tooth Tiger. "Tyron: We just have to protect it till the end comes." said the t-rex in a claiming voice. "Para: We can't give up now! The whole land needs us to protect it!" shouted the long-tubed head dinosaur.

But it came true, from Mira's tears of depression caused the Phantoms to exist and invaded the two lands Ice Aurona and Dimara. They started to go inside of the volcano named Mount Dimara which was a big volcano in the deep lands of Dimara causing the volcano to erupt. Many Phantoms covered in fire was started to fall from the sky and many prehistoric animals got hit and killed from it, many of them weren't fast enough to dodge it. For the Ice Age Animals, their were chased by Phantoms and were hunted down some of them died from the Phantoms. The Alphas were having more problems as they fought off the Phantoms trying to protect the townspeople from them, they were about to give up on the fight and couldn't handle it anymore and ran away from the Phantoms. The Alphas found an underground cave with magical crystals as the Alphas touch the crystals.

Something magical happened after touching the magic crystals causing them to have magic powers that they were able to defeat the Phantoms, but couldn't save the townspeople as everyone was dead from the Phantom Invasion so the Alphas returned to the cave since the magic crystals kept them from hunger and aging so nobody would go hungry or die from aging as they slept. The Ancient Alphas slept for 1,000 years in the hidden underground cave for punishment as they learned their lesson if one of the Alphas got the magic crystals from battling, it would have save the prehistoric townspeople. The Phantoms ruin every site of the architecture of the prehistoric animal's existence and replaced them with Phantom architecture and temples. The only existence of a prehistoric animal was found at Mt. Shiveer was a Plesiosaurus in ice. Falling Phantoms might have been inspired from the end of Dimara and Ice Aurona from Phantoms inside of the volcano as there was Phantoms top that lived and are inside from a volcano existed in The Lost Temple of Zios.

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