Hi. Do you know why i'm here? Well I am here to tell you history. Yes, you in the back there 'Not like a history lesson?' No, not like a history lesson. The history of Jamaa.

Chapter 1

Long ago, all the animals fought. No one cared about each other. Liza, being an alpha, tried to stop this fighting. It would not work. Liza and the other alphas would weep under a huge oak tree. The reason for this fighting? Phantoms. They would attack Jamaa.

The phantoms were thought to be good, and they told the animals things that were not even true about them, to break them up. The phantoms were jealous. Luckily, Liza saw what they were doing. She told the other alphas, but they just sat there, staring into space. Liza wondered what was wrong with them, and then she saw the phantom bite marks.

Liza was determined to save her friends. and the start of the adventure of peace began.


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