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This is the story that tells the beginning of Jamaa and their ruler: The Monkey King, mixed with the Jamaa Legends stories but in a way like the Beta Testing's story.


From the beginning of the past in the world of Jamaa, Zios and Mira were creating the universe of Jamaa as the two god couples created a monkey named: King Monkara The First (or simply known as The Monkey King). The young male monkey who believed in the two gods that created him as he became the ruler of Jamaa and let every animal join as fellow royal members of his Animal Kingdom. He was a generous king, as he shared his profits to the joined members of his Animal Kingdom, the group of animals created a statue in a jungle which is now known as The Lost Temple of Zios which was a statue to honer The Monkey King as he helped every animal in Jamaa and kindly let them join his kingdom.

But soon trouble was going to start with the two gods at the time "Zios: I need to create a spirit world that looks beautiful, for me and my dear goddess Mira to live in so we can both watch Jamaa together peacefully. As Zios said to his thoughts as he transported himself somewhere to create it. Mira was worried if Zios broke up with her from his disappearance. "Mira: Where are you my dear Zios? What did I ever do to you? Why you disappeared from me? I never did anything bad to you I always loved how you created the world..." said Mira in a crying tone of voice which leads her to cry dark tears from her eyes. The dark tears transported were Zios is, were he was created the spirit world. A spherical-like dark orb was turning into the first Phantom King and killed Zios which his mask fell in the world of Jamaa onto The Monkey King's Statue, only his mask was there which the king's statue was now destroyed.

Every place in Jamaa was threatened in danger from the Phantoms as one of the animals said to the king: "Koala #1: What should we our lord? The place is in trouble with dark beings! Said the unnamed koala, "The Monkey King: We have to fight our way so the Phantoms would stop coming!" said the king in a serious tone of voice. Mira was able to protect the king as she defeated the dark Phantom King and a few Phantoms with a spherical light-ish blue blast around her. "Mira: Are you okay King Monkara?..." said Mira in a worried voice, "The Monkey King: I'm alright but we need animals who are brave enough to fight Phantoms.." said the king as he felt bad for his people in fear from the Phantoms "Mira: I'll find the main animals upcoming chosen leaders from the main animals we need: The Pandas, The Koalas, The Wolves, The Tigers, The Rabbits, and The Monkeys." As Mira found the animals that weren't yet Alphas were chosen to be joining with each other and now call themselves The Alphas. Mira found other animals that weren't the main animals that join which made them as now Alphas. Mira created special jewels named Alpha Stones that focused the strength and abilities of their entire species when it will be used when Jamaa's darkest hour.

Mira created Spiritstones which are now known as Heartstones for each animal species kept in a vault beneath The Temple of Zios the Heartstones and were kept together so every animal could visit them and see the unique gifts that each species brought to Jamaa. It was used to keep everybody to live in harmony and nobody would depart with each other with hatred and rage for themselves as time passed. The Monkey King was worried about his Animal Kingdom and hope for the best of every animal will still be on each other’s side as each year passed.

But later on as time passed, two animals a Panda and a Bunny were started to fight with each other and everything changed causing the Phantoms to feed on their negativity which made more Phantoms in their world preparing to attack villages when the animals aren't together. After the fight with the two, each species of every animal began to fear and mistrust other species and started to be in groups of their own species with fake leaders of their own kind. Some animals stopped living together as a united community, soon all the feelings of friendship in Jamaa were gone, and the animals built new villages for their kind only. Koalas lived and talked only with other koalas. So did rhinos. And crocodiles, before long, all the animals in Jamaa stopped working together to make Jamaa a happy and vibrant place. Worst of all, many animal species took their Heartstones from the Lost Temple of Zios and hid their Heartstones in their new villages.

This was the beginning for more Phantoms to be born from Dark Portals readying an attack on each village. A dark warrior Phantom named The Phantom Knight who commands the Phantoms wanted a revenge on King Monkara, especially Mira for killing his father the very first Phantom King. He was created from his father with the Phantoms were spreading from Mira's Dark Tears, He was created with the two royal members of the Phantoms: Prince Phantom and Princess Phantom. The Monkey King was losing hope for his people but for his royal members of his kingdom they still trust each other for the sake of their king and for the fallen god Zios and the living god Mira.

A few animals who weren't the royal members of The Animal Kingdom were groups of their species separated from other animals still had trust in them rather than their fake animal leaders who distrusted the other species and hated on each other. Because animals were spread out in isolated villages, the Phantoms finally were able to conquer these villages one by one. The animals soon discovered that if the Phantoms reached a Heartstone, they could imprison the animals of that species inside it.

Each time the Phantoms captured a Heartstone, an entire species disappeared from Jamaa. Mira desperately watched in horror as the Phantoms spread throughout Jamaa once again. It hurts Mira the only living goddess to see the land she loved become corrupted, and she knew they could bring Jamaa back to life if the Phantoms were repelled. In time, they could make the skies and waters clear again, and if they could recover the lost Heartstones, thousands of animals could return to Jamaa. As time drew on, however, the Phantoms threat grew only more fearsome and unstoppable. the tigers, monkeys, koalas, pandas, rabbits, and wolves of Jamaa gathered together for one last stand against the Phantoms, Mira and King Monkara knew that a group of 6 main animals along with their Alphas were fighting hard enough to protect Jamaa from the horrid Phantoms with the Alpha Stones.

The Big Fight with the Phantoms stopped as the Alphas and Animals went forward to the Phantoms before retreating back, the Phantom Knight suddenly commanded his fellow Phantoms as they destroyed the beautiful Animal Kingdom and taken King Monkara away from his kingdom. "The Monkey King: Help me my dear Mira!”Mira: Monkara don't worry! I'll save you!" said Mira going into action. King Monkara was going into the Dark Portal along with the dark knight who hated him and the goddess avian for killing his father and half of his kind. Mira quickly dove into a dark portal, following the Phantom Knight and his fellow Phantoms with the captured king disappearing as the portal closed. The sudden absence of King Monkara and Mira was a tragic blow to the animals, yet despite their sadness, they realized that for the first time many of them could remember that their world was saved from the Phantoms.

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