When Animal Jam was in the development stages, there were more crew members in AJHQ. They were called, Mira, Zios, Wynde, Liza, Graham, Cosmo, Greely, Sir Gilbert, and Peck. Mira and Zios were the head of AJHQ, with Wynde as a medium ranking and Liza, Graham, Cosmo, Greely, Sir Gilbert, and Peck as lower rankings but still above the ordinary workers who still work on Animal Jam today.

One by one, the higher ranks began to disappear. Zios mysteriously vanished as his Animal Jam Character, also named Zios, crashed into the well in Temple Of Zios. The lowest animal jam workers were testing out Animal Jam, and the loss of Zios's presence introduced death into the universe the game tapped into. The ghosts of the dead jammers lost hope and turned into those gelatinous black tentacled... blobs that are now called Phantoms.

(We'll continue this later. Both WolfyPearl and FoxStray.)

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