In the Animal Jam Academy of Clawledge, my friends told me about a disturbing rumor circling around Jamaa. The rumor, stated that there was a clan of dark wolves worshiping Pytho, the forgotten animal jam Alpha of Pain, Death, and Torture. The clan, also known as Deathrune were only active when there was a full moon in Jamaa, then they could search for a victim to perform their sacrificing ritual. My friends also informed me that every calendar in Animaljam had a day marked red, and if a day was marked red it meant there was a full moon. My other buddies told me that a Clan of Bloodthirsty wolves terrorize Jamaa on a full moon, and dragged off victims to the crags near Appondale. The victims were used as their item to sacrifice, and the ritual was somewhat Satanic. I didn't believe my friends, but what they said was somewhat disturbing, and curiosity got the better of me..

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 12.09.06 am


It was a full moon, and I had already gotten a jag from my friend saying " Omg Im scared." Shaking it off, I entered Jamaa, which was a eerie ghost town. It looked somewhat sinister, and the sky was dark and misty, even though it wasn't halloween. Suddenly, a movement caught my eye, and a dark wolf with sinister red eyes approached me slowly. I clicked his Username, which read Deathruner. Already shaking out of my skin, I stayed motionless, waiting for the wolf to speak. The silence was nearly killing me, and just like that the wolf typed out of the blue. I stared at the screen, paralyzed." Pytho will be pleased." was all he said.

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