(Discontinued, rewritten version here: Jamaasian Blizzard; Frozen Friendships)

Long ago, in a land known as Jamaa, the Jamaalidays were almost at an end in the chilly month of December. Jammers were already taking down decorations by now and returning to their normal habits; Buying, selling, trading, scamming, you name it.

The Jamaaliday spirit was already fading away by now. Snow fell from the sky, coating everyone and everything in the white stuff.

A deer slowly trudged through the snow, pulling an old beat up sled behind him. He didn't have much; just that sled and a small makeshift den made out of sticks.

He looked around at the hustle and bustle of Jamaa Township. He gave rides to places to make a living, but the few gems he made in a year were barely enough to sustain himself. He trotted over to a small lavender bunny, who appeared lost.

The rabbit wore a pink headflower, which she had perfectly perched next to her right ear. She had a pink sweater on, wore pink snow boots and wore a pink Jamaaliday scarf. It was obvious she liked pink. 

"Excuse me ma'am, you seem lost. May I please be of assistance to help you to your destination?" Our deer said with his best manners. "My name is Dusty and I would love to help." He continued, eagerly waiting for the rabbit's reply. 

"Ooh, yes, I need to get back to my den. I left all my fancy pink rares back at my den and until I get them I have to wear these dreadful things."  The rabbit told Dusty. "I think those clothes look really nice on you, ma'am. Where is your den?" The buck said. "NICE?! Is that the best you can do? Besides, you should see me in my gowns." The bunny exclaimed.

Before she climbed onto the sled, she examined Dusty. "Where is your spiked collar and tuxedo?" She questioned him skeptically. "Sorry ma'am, I hardly have anything. I give rides to make a living. Would you still like a ride?" Dusty asked.

"I AM SPEAKING TO A COMMON NONRARER? WHY THE NERVE OF YOU TO SPEAK TO ME! I NEVER ACCEPT RIDES FROM FILTHY LOWLIVES LIKE YOU!" The rabbit screamed in fury and disgust, hopping up and slapping poor Dusty on the nose before running away. "Okay, well, um, thanks for your time!" The deer shouted after her before sighing and trotting away slowly.

Dusty passed houses and houses, full of happy families who were sitting by the fireplace, sharing laughs and stories and drinking hot cocoa. He walked on for hours.

He felt happy for the animals that had homes, families and love. He was so busy looking around that he didn't even notice the furry ball of fluffy stuff he had nearly tripped over. 

"Ouch.." The white ball of fur said, getting up to face Dusty. "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you. Your lovely white pelt blends in so well with the snow on the ground.

"Thanks I guess. I bet you're pretty nice too." The fluff ball said, turning out to be a pure white fox with ice blue eyes. "I lost my way to my family's den, after slipping on some ice. I guess that's one of the troubles of being blind." She stated. "Could I help you to your home? I have a sled you can ride on." Dusty told the young fox.

"I'm sorry, I don't have any money." The fox said. "That's ok, I will help you anyways." Dusty said to her, allowing the kit to climb onto his sled. "I live on the other side of town. I hope that isn't a trouble. My name is Icy, by the way." The young fox said. "No trouble at all, I'm happy to help." Dusty told her. 

After about thirty minutes, the wind started to pick up. Snow started to fall faster, filling in the sled's tracks behind it. Dusty walked on, wanting to make sure the young fox got home safely.

Wind blew branches off the trees, but Dusty walked on, the snow crunching beneath his hooves. He steadily pulled the sled through the snow, determined to get the little fox home.

The sky grew darker, but Dusty walked on. Snow swirled around the township, the wind howling as the land was shrouded in shadows. Suddenly, a faint cry for help echoed through the town. Dusty and Icy could barely hear it over the growing storm. "Someone might be in trouble, we should go investigate!" Icy shouted, although it only sounded like a mere whisper over the winds.

Dusty and Icy eventually located where the sound was coming from as snow pounded the roofs of the dens around them, as if millions of phantoms were trying to break in. Our strong deer pawed at the ground with his hooves as fast as he could, to uncover a bright blue koala who was currently in shock. "Please help me, my husband and children are lost in the snow as well, they will s-s-surely freeze out here!" She cried, shivering. "Then time is of the essence, lets bring her along, Dusty." Icy said as the koala sat on the sled next to her. Dusty nodded and zoomed through the Township, which was currently buried in very deep snow.

Meanwhile, a young horse looked our the window of his mother's den. "Mother, why is that poor deer out in the blizzard?" He asked her as she made her way into the living room with a plate of cookies balancing on her head. "Oh, he must be out there to rescue animals trapped in the snow, like little filly Lacy!" The mare exclaimed.

"Mother, the Jamaalidays are almost over but I still feel the spirit, may we please go out there and help him?" The colt questioned. His mother paused for a few minutes, then tossed on a blanket and gave her son the sled and hooked themselves to it. The two bolted outside and ran to Dusty. "We're here to help you!" The colt called, his voice barely heard by the deer and his passengers. "Thanks!" Dusty yelled back, thundering through the snow with the horses following.

The blizzard grew stronger, the winds were so high roofs were being ripped off the dens they were on. By now Dusty had a little rescue team and many animals on sleds. Young rabbits were literally flying through the air, much to the distress of their parents.  Giraffes had to keep grabbing them out of the air so they aren't killed.

Dusty ran as fast as his legs could carry him in the very deep snow. Icy, who was now riding on his back, clinging to his antlers, listened for the screams and yells of buried jammers and pointed the way to them.

Meanwhile, the Alphas trekked through the deep snow from their meeting area. "I don't understand why we can't just teleport!" Shouted Peck. "I am detecting high levels of phantom crystal in this blizzard, we could shatter our stones!" Graham yelled, holding a device in his hand which was possibly a phantom crystal detector.

Back in Jamaa Township, the wind was blowing full blast, growing stronger every second. Objects were flying all over the place, destroying all but the very strong and well built dens. The snow was getting deeper, the temperature dropping low..very low.  Debris was soaring through the air as if it was the fastest thing on Earth, but the team of rescuers were still working hard to save jammers.

The storm was not showing any signs of stopping soon, and even though Dusty was freezing cold and blinded by the snow pelting his face, he continued to lead his team through the town until they had finally reached the pillow room.

Surprisingly, it was still intact and the walls weren't broken. Dusty trudged in with his team following, slamming the door behind them. Dusty carried each individual jammer to their own pillow. Icy immediately got back up as he placed her down.

"I'm going back out there with you." The fox said, determined. "But Icy, it is very dangerous out there, the wind is even stronger than before!" Told Dusty, slamming the door as the wind blew it open. "I want to keep you safe." Dusty stated, patting the little fox on the head.

"Jammers are in danger, and I don't like that." Icy told him, climbing onto his back and clinging to his antlers. "Alright Icy, but don't let go of my antlers, or you could blow away!" Dusty said to her. Icy nodded as the rescue team set out again.

The storm continued on until six in the morning, when it slowly started to die down. Dusty and his new friends had rescued all the jammers in trouble now, so they all huddled around in the pillow room.

"So Dusty, why do you give rides for a living anyways?"  Asked a bright red seal with a yellow star pattern.

"Well, a while back, my family was a very good ride provider, we enjoyed helping other jammers out and our prices weren't too high or too low. If a jammer couldn't pay, we gave them a ride anyways, the feeling of making someone's day a little brighter, was good enough for us. When I was just a fawn.."

-flash back- 

"So Papa, you think I'll be strong enough to pull a sled like you and mama?" Asked a young fawn, pulling a small wooded sleigh behind him. "One day, Dusty. You'll be a great, big, strong buck when you grow up." His father replied, smiling. Young Dusty grinned back at him, following him through Jamaa Township.

Just then, a burst of speed through the town sped past the father and son, sending snow flying. "Wowzers, Daisy sure is fast!" Dusty exclaims as he gets covered in snow.

"Your sister is the fastest deer in Jamaa I reckon. Heck, if deer could race in the Jamaa Derby, she would win." The father said. "She might even be faster than Mama!" Dusty said, staring in awe as his sister ran around.

Dusty's mother trotted by her husband and son, pulling a sleigh full of jammers. "Hi Harold, hi Dusty!" She called. "Hiya Mama!" Dusty shouted. "Hello dear!" Dusty's father called. "I better go get on with work, see ya later, sport!" Harold said. "Okay dad, bye!" Dusty told him as he walked away. Dusty smiled and went to go practice pulling jammers on his sled, the 'jammers' being made of snow.

Meanwhile, eerie figures hid behind an old abandoned building, mumbling amongst themselves. "The targets have been made. The elite will take them tonight." One of the dark beings said, the others nodding. 

Later that night, Dusty and Daisy heard a loud explosion while waiting for their parents to come home. They rushed outside to see houses on fire and a group of jammers put into cages. "Mama!!! Dad!!" The fawns shouted. The phantoms creeped up behind the two.

They were practically breathing down their necks before they shocked Daisy with Dusty barely dodging in time. "Daisy!!!" He shouted as his sister was carelessly tossed into a cage, with a nearly thunderous snapping sound which he assumed to be his sister's bones.

Dusty screamed and kicked at the phantoms with all his might. Just then, a phantom detonated something, sending wood and glass everywhere and leaving a crater in the ground. "My home!" Dusty shouted, yelping in pain as he was tossed into an alley and hitting his head on the ground. 

He laid unconscious for a while, and after the area was cleaned up, nobody looked for him, assuming he was taken as well. When the fawn woke up, everything he had known and loved were gone, except for his little sled.


"I never saw them again. I gave rides as a living to remember my wonderful family. Some of the jammers I give rides to aren't very nice, because they are mainly focused on rares." Dusty said. Just then, Icy remembered something. "My parents!" She shouted.

Just a few seconds later, Dusty bolted out the door with Icy on his back. The snow was deep, some of it freezing into ice. Dusty zoomed across the town, the snow pounding him and Icy like never before. "Mom? Dad?!" Icy screamed, her tears freezing to her face, just then, Dusty noticed something, the snow was turning...Black? "Phantom snow! Icy, we have to get you back to the pillow room!" Dusty shouted. "Not without my parents!!!"

Meanwhile, in the pillow room, the jammers brought together by Dusty and the storm were huddled together. "It must be below zero!" A rabbit said. "Poor Dusty and Icy!" The jammers then began telling their stories, as they waited for their heroes to return.

Dusty trudged through the deep sludgey snow, his long deer legs numb. He had to get Icy and her parents back to the pillow room, he had to. Dragging a sled with two frostbitten foxes to the building, he burst in through the doors. Collapsing on the floor as the three foxes were wrapped in blankets, he went unconscious.

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(Discontinued, rewritten version here: Jamaasian Blizzard; Frozen Friendships)

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