Deleted animals are a very cool concept in Animal Jam. But what if I told you some actually exist?

It was sometime around 2011. AJHQ had a worker named Jess. She was a main animal modeler, and for a while, she was appraised for her work. She's the one that made the wolf, tiger, monkey, koala, rabbit, and panda models. But Jess had made more than this. She's reported to have made a peacock, leopard, sugar glider, snake, bat, and a komodo dragon model. Originally, these were going to go into the game. Everything looked good. She got lots of appraise for the komodo dragon and peacock in particular. This power went to her head.


She gathered a small group of Jammers. It's said there were about six of them, including Jess. They were her testers. It wasn't hard to recruit them, all you had to say was "Who wants to have an unreleased animal months before it comes out?" An eyewittness said he had pleaded, but wasn't accepted. He described the whole township as shouting in all caps "PICK ME PICK ME!"

Only one jammer's username is known. Her name is "darkstonewolf678", or Daredevil Fierygem. This is where I acquired this information, as no bystanders were allowed to be present.

It began as Jess said "Alright, wait a few seconds and I'll get you your animals." So they waited, and sure enough, 10 seconds later there were six new animals in their inventory. Jess allowed them to leave after they had tested out a couple moves. That night, she put those animals into her own account. Daredevil can't recall Jess's username.

Jess thought it would be good to add a few name combos and markings as a reward for her work. She made an icy blue and gold peacock named Moon Thepeacock, a leopard with king cheetah markings called Feather Theleopard, a gray sugar glider named Cookie Theglider, a green tree boa called Reed Thesnake, a dark purple bat named Empress Thebat, and a brownish-gray komodo dragon called Claw Thedragon. Claw's name made her think. What if she combined all six animals to create...a dragon?

The following morning, Jess called her five Jammers again to announce her latest animal. Everyone was astonished at her model. The dragon was by far her best. It seemed as if Jess put in more hours in the dragon than any other animal before. Daredevil says every so often she'll see crocodiles with dragon masks and wings roleplaying, and she'll get a lump in her throat, remembering the amazing dragon.

The dragon was said to be black with some light yellow stripes on it's face, sky blue spots below its matching eyes, and a fiery mixture of orange and yellow on the neck, underbelly, head feathers, and wing membrane. The horns as well as claws were a silver color, and the horns slightly deer-like. Its name was Echo Thedragon. It's play motion was roaring and breathing fire, even with sound! Daredevil says Echo's roar reminded her of the Jurrassic Park tyrannosaurus rex. The hop motion wasn't even hopping, instead more of an uneasy fly. When dancing, the dragon would close its eyes swing its head back and forth, as if listening to an MP3 player. Sleeping, it rested its head on its talons and out through its nose rolled wisps of smoke. Sitting, it looked as if it was looking over a kingdom.

The jammers chatted for a bit then turned to leave, but Jess stopped them. She had one more thing to show them.

Unlike most animals, the dragon had a "fight" icon. Upon clicking it, the dragon would thrash its head and fight in a similar fashion to the tiger, except more fierce and unforgiving. One Jammer got too close and their animal was gored. It displayed the sleep motion, then transformed into another of their animals. This scared a few of the Jammers. AJHQ hadn't seen it yet, and if they did, they would surely delete Echo. Daredevil tried the dragon for herself, and upon dressing it up, the items disappeared as if to recycle them. This is why she claims to not have many betas. That's what AJHQ heard, and delete Echo, they did, along with the other animals Jess had recently created.

Jess left in a fit of rage shortly thereafter.

But even today, you can still find traces of Jess's work. Such as the secret color, left over from the peacock. And sometimes you can fly without using an eagle or owl, like the sugar glider and bat did. Animal Jam did eventually re-create some of these animals, but only in item or pet form. But who knows?

Maybe Echo will return one day.

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