(Based of a My Little Pony roleplay me and my friend did.) (Story from CrushedTurtle)

December 31st, 2012

Well, its a fresh start of a new year. I said my new years resolution was to play Animal Jam more often, so I decided to today. When I entered, my wolf was wearing a pink fox hat, a green glove, and white elf tail armor. I was pretty rare, so usually I had a crowd following me saying "What for {insert rare here}?" But when I went on, the only crowd that followed me, was not a crowd, but a new jammer. He was a blue koala with green X eyes, and a white colored moon pattern wearing a necklace that would glitch and the gem would turn rainbow for 5 seconds. He said "Lets be buddies!" He sent me a friend request, so I replied no. He seemed pretty mad, cause he logged off, and I never saw him again.

January 14th, 2013

When I logged on to Animal Jam today, No one was in Jamaa Township, but then, a Arctic Wolf with a hamster pet and a White Fox hat on came to me and said, "C-Come look..." I followed her to Appondale and Jammers were crowded around a bunny that was striped from her rare clothing with all her pets slaughtered around her making a circle, and the words "LeTs Be BuDdIeS!!!!" Was carved into her right ear. Then the same koala, the new jammer, entered, and looked at me. He never blinked. And I meant NEVER. Thats when he jumped on my wolf.

January 14th, 2013 (PART 2)

All the jammers scattered, some going into each others dens or going into Claws n' Paws pet shop. The koala said, "LOVE ME!!" as he teleported away, leaving my wolf scarred and bleeding on the ground. The Jammers came back, sad about my body. I checked my switch animals list, but the animals on there were in sleeping position, frozen in place with scars on their bellies. I closed switch animals and Liza was there. She lifted my body with the magic from her staff and granted it new life. Then she teleported the koala back to us, as all the animals growled and snarled at him. Then they chased him out of jamaa, exiling him forever. But, he has returned. And he is mad and furious.


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