Warning, this might be frighting to smaller kids.

Animal Jam is an online game for kids that allows you to play as animals. There are all sorts of users, but some really seem to stand out.


The user “Jammer99.9” was on the site the very week it opened. Very few remember this person, as he wasn’t there for long and the site wasn’t as popular back then. But we who do remember are scarred.

Jammer99.9 seemed like your normal random user at first glance. The trouble started when he began to speak. He was deranged, and would shout random ravings and exclamations, and even once claiming to be God.

Many tried to report him to the moderators, but for some reason, the report button didn’t work. It turned out that the user was a skilled hacker and that a virus would prevent them and download itself onto their computer.

The contents of this virus are not widely known, as word of the report virus spread, and no one dared to try. What we know about the virus comes from a blog post from a user who ignored the warnings.

Apparently, the virus was in a .wmv video file. When it was opened, the first ten seconds were simply a black screen with static in the background. Then, there would be a loud electronic screeching sound. The black screen would flash with all sorts of words and pictures, going fast enough to cause seizures. What was even worse was that you could not close the video until it was through. In the final 10 seconds, a face would come up. It was a drawing signed by Jammer99.9.

The face was somehow scary and calming at the same time. It stared deeply into your soul, watching you. Knowing everything…

The blogger who saw this reported nausea, migraines, nightmares, and seizures. At the end, of his blog, we saw this:

I’m ending it all tonight!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!


There were no further posts.

After about a week, Jammer99.9 mysteriously vanished. AJHQ denied his existence, claiming that it was a hoax. They said that the video was probably the result of spam from other websites, and to just delete it.

So the question now is will he come back? He has been silent for years, so it seems rather unlikely. But maybe so.

Beware Jammer99.9.