This is not exactly a creepypasta. But it is something creepy that just happened to me...

I don't know if you know but AJHQ had a new update for a Jammer Wall. Yup, the rumors were true. Right now it's being tested by members only. I went to my Jammer Wall and typed in, "Hello." No answer. Everyone was saying their walls were glitching. My friend couldn't get in my wall. I set to option to "Everyone" so anyone could enter my Jammer Wall. I asked buddies to join but they said my wall was unavailable. I then went to Aldan to trade and forgot about the wall. Then an hour later, I went on my Jammer Wall and there was one message. The message said, "cupcakes are delicious." I wondered how the person got on my Jammer Wall since it worked for no one else. I clicked on the person and it said, "cupcakesaredelish." But the weird part is, THE PERSON WAS A NON MEMBER. The Jammer Wall was currently for MEMBERS ONLY. I then deleted the message a bit frightened. I then searched up the person, "cupcakesaredelish" again. But only this time it said, "That jammer couldn't be found!" I then reset my Jammer Wall to buddies only. About 40 minutes later, I decided to check on my Jammer Wall. It then opened up with one friend. She said "Hi!" It said it was sent 21 minutes left. I then typed in, "Sorry I couldn't answer before. I was busy." I pressed on enter but it didn't send. I then clicked out of the Jammer Wall.

Every time I tried going back to the Jammer Wall, it only showed the loading sign. I refreshed, clicked on it, loading. It doesn't really effect gameplay and you quickly grow to ignore it. I don't know why it's doing this... glitch or cupcakesaredelish? (If anything else happens, I'll add to this.)

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