I was on my account, bored. So I decided to kill time by looking up random usernames. One result I found was jammerjamis. He was a lion, with a unreleased hat. It looked like a shark. His den was unlocked, so I went into it. I explored about then froze. So I refreshed. By my surprise, I wasn't on my account. I was in JAMMERJAMIS'S ACCOUNT. I was on his lion animal, it was all black, with white dot eyes and a red pattern. I didn't know this pattern and I have been playing ever since 2013. It was smeared, with blobs. Then his lion started talking, I wasn't even typing once. He said " Hello, YOUR TURN " Then I heard a high pitch horrific scream ringing in my headphones. Spooked, I instantly logged out. It was 10 PM. I went to bed. I couldn't sleep even with in my comforter. I kept hearing deep breathing. Then I could make out few words: Play with me.. Not able to sleep, I turned on downstairs light. Guess what I found. BLOOD. FOOTSTEPS. I called the police fast, but the cell battery died soon..

More coming soon!

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