Thanks for playing with me!

Recognize it? The famous letter from the most evil scammer of all time? You know him as Fman122, I suppose.

He is also me.

I really don't mean any harm to most jammers. I just want a buddy. But no one wants to be buddies with a scammer. I'm not a scammer. My computer has this horrible glitch where whenever I try to jam-a-gram someone, I send them a Thanks for playing with me! and when I send it, it automatically transfers all their items onto my account. I hate it. It's really impossible to make a single buddy.

Then, on the other hand, it's a great way to get rare and famous.

Chapter 1:

I was walking around, looking for stuff to buy and try on, when a pink wolf with giant eyes and hearts all over her body approached me. "WILL U BE MAH MAT?" she said. Mat? Seriously? I couldn't be anyone's mate, or their mat(which would be a lot worse). "No way," I replied, thinking she would leave. She didn't. "BUT I NEED A MAT!!!1!!" I grimaced. "Fine. I'll be you stupid mate." "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!" I teleported to my den and locked it. She suddenly appeared next to me. "HAY," she said. I screamed and tried to lock my den again. A message kept popping up that said,'Your den could not be locked. Please try again later.' "WANNA GO OUT FOR DINNER SWEETHE..." I teleported to Coral Canyons, sighing in relief. I let myself relax too much, because 2 seconds later a wolf appeared next to me. It was the mate beggar. I sighed and said, "Lets go to the dinner party." I went to the party, only to find her sitting in a booth ordering a large hamburger, coke, diet coke, water, and diet water. The waiter came back soon with all the things except the diet water. "WERES MAH HUSBANDS DIET WATER!!!!!!" I suddenly got a headache. "We're all out. I'm sorry ma'am," replied the waiter, a crocodile. "FINE," said the heart wolf, Honey Pie. The name didn't match her at all. As we ate, we were talking about these jammers that had bugged us when Honey finally seemed to notice my username. She gasped. "YOU'RE HIM!1!!!" My eyes widened and I began trying to think of something to say back when suddenly, a bunch of wolves plunged into the room. It took me less than a second to realize that these guys were clanners. The leader, a blue wolf with a gray underbelly wearing an orange fox hat, was shoving a waiter, calling it 'lousy prey.' The deputy, a white wolf with a cream underbelly and gray lightning bolts all over him was snarling at a fox(an animal crossing the "border")and swinging his red fox hat. The medicine cat was busy changing into leafy clothes, but other than that he was tan with crazy red eyes and a dark blue fox hat. The leader approached us. "Get off of our territory," he said, showing his teeth. "Shut up," I said, sending him a jam-a-gram. Suddenly, his fox hat was gone. His clan turned to look at him and gasped. He stared at me in disbelief. Then, the entire clan began to claw him, biting and slashing. He yelped and twisted on the floor as bits of tile flew everywhere. I then realized what I had done. A wolf without a fox hat could never belong in a clan, or be the leader. I felt sorrow for the former leader, and I lunged into the tussle and grabbed the leader's scruff. He yelping, thinking I was attacking too. I dragged him over to the booth. The clan soon realized that he had disappeared and came in pursuit. "Run!" Honey sped across the grass and teleported into my den. "Follow me!" I yapped, and went to my den. I hoped that the leader, Foxstar, would follow.

Chapter 2:

Foxstar did follow. Honey Pie was lying down on my bed, panting heavily. "Get off," I said, waving an envelope in the air. She got off, fast. "Wow," said Foxstar. "I've been saved by the most deadly scammer in animal jam." I grinned, showing my incredibly sharp teeth. Honey Pie backed away. "Oh come on," I said. "It's not like I'm gonna send this to you." I put the envelope in my 'Cleverclaw's drawer.' Honey Pie stepped forward again. "It's getting close to sundown," said Foxstar. "We should rest." "I don't rest," I replied. "Oh. Right."

That night, I rested anyway. I was beginning to snore when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I groaned and put my pillow over my head. The knocking didn't stop. I finally got up and opened the door. A bunny with big, shining, blue puppy eyes was sitting on the dirt, staring at me pathetically. I frowned. "Who are you?" "My name is Fwuffy," said the bunny. "And I'm a supew wawe puppy. Awso, I'm huwt!" "Well 'Fwuffy,' I don't give a (bleep) if you're hurt, or rare. And it's obvious that you're lying when you say you're a puppy." "But I is WAWE! VEWY WAWE! SO WAWE MY MAMA DISOWNED ME!" I stopped. I thought, then decided and slammed the door.

And came back out again with a carrot. "Stay for the night." "Hooway! Tank woo!" I put my paw on my face. How did I sign up for this? I went back to bed, but right as I was beginning to dream about fixing my computer bug, I heard a great clanging sound downstairs. I stomped down the steps and found Fluffy eating all the cupcakes in the fridge. That was when I blacked out.

When I woke up, Fluffy was gone. So were all the desserts in the refridgerator. I wonder where Fluffy is. Probably made off with the sweets, I thought. I was in bed. Honey Pie was up drawing a picture of me and her, except in this picture we were both making heart signs. I felt close to throwing up when I saw it. I went downstairs and found Foxstar hunting mice outside, which didn't make me feel any better. "Hey Fman. Wanna play Mossball?" "no thanks," I replied. I suddenly had an idea. "Wanna do an adventure?"

I would regret saying those words after the adventure was over.

Chapter 3:

"Sure!" "WHO SAID ADVENTURE." Honey Pie ran down the stairs and grabbed me. "YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE WHEN YOU'RE OUT DOING AN ADVENTURE!!" "Ok? Lets go then." I opened up the adventures slot, then realized I was non member. I went out of the slot to apologize, but Foxstar was already hosting 'The Search for Greely.' I quickly joined and the adventure started. At first it didn't seem normal. When we reached the papers, the bubble said, 'It looks like these used to be papers from Greely's journal.' Used to be? "LOOK! DA STOOPID MONKEHS LEFT!!!!!1!!" I noticed that too. The papers that they would have read from were old looking and moldy. Some had red splats on them. When we reached the gate, however, Greely did not appear either. The gate was already open. There were red words on the wall that said, "GO. SAVE YOURSELF." The others went through the door, not noticing. I began to get uncomfortable. When we reached the portal, we could go through it even though we weren't phantoms. After we entered, instead of the phantom fortress we found we were in a black void with glitch patterns running everywhere. That was when it happened.

A phantom kept glitching onto the edge of the screen over and over, and a low, soft, sinister voice was coming out of it. It was too quiet to hear. I shrieked, as did Honey and Foxstar. Only then did I hear what the voice was saying. "ALL YOUR FAULT. ALL YOUR FAULT." All my fault? I looked at Honey and Foxstar. They were just normal non members who had happened to meet Fman122. So was it my fault? What was? How? The glitches? The new adventure itself?

Then I realized.

The clues were:

The restaurant out of Diet water.

Foxstar's Clan turning on him.

The little Fluffy, and his high, innocent voice. "I'm huwt!"

These were all my fault. Me and my computer. And I couldn't do anything about it. The adventure was glitched, and the restaurant, and Foxstar, and Fluffy's large, too-realistic-for-AJ wound on his back. Now that these innocent jammers had met me, met my glitch, they were doomed. I screamed. "I'M SORRY!!" I wailed, howling. "I'M SORRY!" Tears streamed down my face, blinding me. Did I care? No. Suddenly, the phantom came out from the edge and floated to us. I noticed that it was glitching away. Then, something horrible happened.

The phantom floated out of the screen into reality.


Part Two!

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