[Be aware this is my first creepy-pasta, so don't expect a masterpiece. And yes, I allow criticism.]

I was browsing around Google when I came upon a link to a game called ‘Animal Jam’. I really enjoy animal games, so I clicked the link, and it brought me to a page with an anthropomorphic panda, rabbit, wolf, and monkey. The overall appearance seemed adorable, so I signed up for an account under the name of ‘wolfywolf9376’. [I was about 10 at the time.] I chose a wolf and named him ‘Eternal FireyPaw’, and I was brought to a boat with the anthropomorphic panda, apparently named ‘Lizzie’. I skid through the introduction controls, and I made my wolf cherry red and lemon, with emerald eyes and tangerine flame markings. I was then dropped off by a statue of a crane, and I used my arrow keys to run down a small dirt path to ‘Jamaa Central’, the center of the game. I met a few people like ‘orvadog2004’, ‘tangerine55’, and ‘monkeyjam’. We hung out a bit, and we instantly became best friends. My mother told me it was time to get off, and so I shut down the P.C. I was excited to come back to Jamaa.

The next day, I logged in with my username and password, and I went ahead and checked my friend list. For some reason, none of my friends were there, and I couldn’t find them either. I searched up each name, and not one could be found. I was heartbroken and decided to watch a little T.V. I flipped through the channels until I came upon a news announcement. The newswoman said that three teenagers were killed that morning, but the murderer escaped before they could catch him. I began to hyperventilate, as the three children lived right in my town. What if the murder came to my house and killed me? Many questions flew through my head, but soon I calmed down, and went back to Animal Jam.

I had been logged out for inactivity, so I logged back in, but my gut had a strange feeling about this. I went ahead anyway and logged in. I noticed a user named ‘jeremyneel0010’ wanted to add me to his friend’s list. I loved having new friends, so I immediately hit ‘Accept’, but something didn’t feel right. I kept getting Jam-A-Grams from him, asking if I wanted a real life dog and to give him my address. Why would he ask that? I wasn’t that dumb, so I told him that I didn’t want one and that I couldn’t give out my address. Jeremy sent a very rude message, telling me to die and all that. I selected to report it, and the moderators finally took care of it. My mom came into the room and turned on the news. Another report told us that another teenager had been murdered, and this began to become even scarier, due to the fact that the murderer was right on my street. I quickly shut down the computer and curled up in bed, crying in my sleep. I didn’t even want to touch my mouse. It seemed that every time I did, a person was found dead. I began to cry, and my mother heard me. She asked what was wrong, and I told her everything. And at that sudden moment, I realized that the three murdered teens were my Jamaa friends. I immediately suspected jeremyneel0010, and I told him about what was happening. ‘I’m coming for you, Tara.’ I fell back in my seat and glared at my monitor with shock, anger, and fear. How did he know my name, and why does he want to hurt me? I remembered the three murdered teens, and his name. It was all coming together – jeremyneel0010 was the murderer. I rushed to the door, and stared out of the window. The murders were happening at night, and I looked at the clock; 10:00 P.M. It was extremely dark out, and it was the perfect cover. I fell to the floor, and locked the door tight, hoping he wouldn’t get in. A thud hit the door, and a man’s voice spoke, “I told you, Tara..”

[Remember, don't ever give any personal information out.]

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