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Brownie has glasses now because when her family was flushed away the water damaged her eyes. She often thinks about her waffle owner and her family.


The was a poo that was pooped out of a waffle. Out she came with her poo family. They were flushed down the toilet, but brownie (yes that's her name) didn't get flushed. She was taken in and looked after by the waffle, but soon Nikki came and ate the waffle. Brownie was very sad...

Chapter 1

Brownie settled herself among the boxes in the back of the truck. For many months she spent her time observing... just observing. She watched the lorries come and go; carrying the resources from waffle's house. Yes, she was taken in by a waffle. But... it was eaten. Now the waffle's house was being taken apart, bit by bit, since the waffle had no family to leave his belongings to. Brownie knew she had to get out, or she would be taken to the crusher like everything else was. Luckily, her observing had paid off. She knew the times of the lorries that came and went. At 9:39 she scrambled into the lorry that carried furniture and awaited her next stop at the recycling station.
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Furnit hermit, the ultimate furniture removal company. Gives furniture a new home, apparently. (By the way the phone number is fake)

Chapter 2

The lorry arrived at the recycling station to dump any broken furniture, before taking the good furniture to be sold. Brownie, being a poop, could not get very far into the van. Sadly, she was discovered by the driver, and he disgustingly disposed poor Brownie. He threw her in the nearby portable toilet, and flushed her away. 

Brownie's world went black. Her head spun as she was swallowed by the water. It was a long journey down the pipes before she reached the end.

Brownie knew this was the end of her. She closed her eyes. Suddenly she became very still, as if the current had stopped. "Im dead, I know I am." She whispered. She opened her eyes and her heart skipped a beat. She saw before her a whole underground city! Looking closer she saw more poops like her, all different shapes and sizes! However, there were a few poops there who stood out. She suddenly realised they were her family! She burst with delight and jumped so far she reached her family. They were surprised but soon realised who it was. They all started to cry with happiness.

Thee end :3