My first story on this wikia :D

edit: please don't say this is a rip off of sonic.exe. It's a parody. just saying.

the story

i was on this web where I can get RARES easily by downloading something. But something got me confused. It was titled "julian2.exe". I thought the people just messed up while typing the name. When I downloaded it there was a warning that said "please don't download this! He can get you!" I ignored the message. But I wish I did'nt.... And instead of how to get rares easily, there was a game! It showed the start, which was normal at first, but something didn't feel right. it showed Julian2 dancing to copyright music which made me laugh. But when I hit play, the music started getting slowed down and Julian's eyes where crying blood. Yeah that right,BLOOD! it showed the character select. I could only play as gummyunicorn.... And not the others.... THEY ALL HAD LOCK SCREENS! EXEPT for aparri. I chose aparri. And in five seconds it showed that kefka laugh. Than the level was "FIELD" in all caps.

the music was a reversed melody. I just kept on letting aparri walk. Than the music started getting slow. when I walked past the dead bodies the music was slowed down. The dead bodies where of julian2,bepper,and fman122. Which where the players in the character select. Than there was julian2. aparri looked happy to see julian2. Than as aparri ran to julian2 there was static. The static kept getting louder and louder. I covered my ears. Than when it showed the sign that said "Hello SmileDogCreepy do you want to play with me?" HOW DID IT KNOW MY NAME ON WIKIA??!?! Anyways I uncovered my ears. Than it showed a lever named "HOT PATATO" and again, all caps. aparri looked scared whenever I stopped. But I kept running. The level looked like hell (no srsly there was fire EVERYWHERE!) there was fire and an orange and red background. And the ground was all red with fire. I kept running thinking nothing would happen. But man, was I wrong... THERE STARTED HAVING BLOOD! But I kept moving. Than a loud kefka laugh showed up with Julian2 flashing everywhere with static. And again, with those creepy red and black eyes... and they cried blood too... Julian2 chased poor aparri and caught the poor arctic wolf. aparri tripped and cried. In about 7 seconds julian2 STABBED aparri. And a high pitched scream was on. And than the sign said "YOUR TOO LATE!"

It showed the character select again. I chose bepper. Than in 6 seconds. It showed that kefka laugh again. Than the level was called "FFF" and guess what? F is the sixth letter of the alphabet! I kept moving bepper. Than static appeared. As I ran it kept on appearing. Static here static there. Anyways when the static stopped, there was julian2. I tried to escape from him but when I do, he follows me. When he touched me, bepper was tilting his head, crying... Than when Julian2 killed him there was that high pitched scream again. Than this time the sign said "like breaking the rules smile?" Which freaked me out.

Than it showeThan the lever was titled "..." Which freaked me out. BTW fman122 was running. And guess what? I didn't even touch the keyboard! But than after static and a kefka laugh, I had to run again. I let fman122 move. Than the music stopped. Than julian2 appeared. It bring me back to the character select without julian2 killing me. It showed an extra level too!

i selected julian2. There was that annoying kefka laugh again. There was static as a backround. But guess what, I was in the coral canyons! than it took me to the Jamaa township. Than it turned normal. "but something doesn't have to be normal!" I thought. than static appeared again... Then it showed a picture with a creepy julian2 with blood text saying "YOU'RE NEXT SMILEDOGCREEPY!" than static appeared again. And in about 17 seconds static showed again and that picture showed again too. This time there was a slow pitched kefka laugh. i looked by my side. And there was julian2. Staring right at me. And with thone black and red eyes. Crying blood.

if you see this hack, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

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