One day I was playing Animal Jam when a strange figure was walking around in Jamaa Township. He had a stupid half emo haircut and a wide, toothy grin. Then he looked at me. He walked closer, and closer, and closer, until he was right up in my face.

Then he started singing his song of the dead...


And then all my rares were gone. I logged off and started crying. Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it only to see...


He walked closer, and closer, and closer. Then he sang another satanic song...


I screamed. I was melting and then finally, Justin Bieber put me inside a sippy cup and drank me. He laughed like a little girl and then Selena Gomez came over. They started to make out. Then Kanye West came over and made out with Justin Bieber. Then Katy Perry came over and made out with Kanye West.

It kept going on and on....

Then there was a nuke and everyone died


BUT! A giant animal rose from teh depths. It was Goaty teh goat! He licked the celebrities and took them to his sacrifice circle. Then he became teh ultimate goat! He also ate a taco and died. Then, I exploded then i hat a huge party in my den and everybody exploded

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