Early Life

My name is Enchanted. I am a little pink and purple fox with NO abilities. Well, at least until now. My parents left me all alone, with just...well, myself as company. I never understood why. My other relatives agreed to take me in and gave me food and shelter.

Tween Years

Today, my relatives headed to Jamaa Township, saying they would be back by nightfall, and told me not to worry. They headed out happily together, and the sun seemed to be smiling too. At twelve noon, I headed over to my friend Baroness. By the time I got there, the sky was a dark, eerie shade of grey. The clouds hanging above me looked like they were about to explode and pour out rain. That was odd, because the news called for sunny weather. Anyway, Baroness opened the door. "Enchanted, come in! Odd weather, don't you think?" "Yeah, I guess so." I replied. Baroness' mom made me a cheese sandwich, and I gladly ate it, still watching the hectic weather outside get worse. By the time it was time to go home, at three o'clock, the sky was almost black. The only light sources were the lightning crashing from the sky. The rain was being poured in buckets. I still headed home. By the time I got there, my beautiful fur was soaked. I shook it off and headed to bed.

That Night

The first hours of sleep are blissful, and the only noise is the soft pattering of the rain. It is a full moon tonight and the clouds part, revealing the moon's glimmer and light. I think it is around three in the morning. The air feels sticky for some reason. Cool, crisp air fills the room, which is quite peculiar because I remember shutting the door, and I have a dehumidifier in my room. Warm breath is blown onto my face. My eyes flutter open, and standing right before me is Greely, the Wolf Alpha. His back is turned. "G-Greely? What are YOU doing here at this hour?" I ask him. He suddenly turns around and puts a cloth bag over my head. I scream, but it is no use. My eyes flutter shut again; I think I'm dreaming...or am I?

The Alpha's Hideout Dungeon of Torture and Doom

My eyes quickly open. I am lying on a mat on a stone floor. There is a small window, and sunlight is streaming through it. The window is surrounded by steel bars. I wearily stand up. The den I'm in is made completely out of stone. The wooden door, which I'm guessing is the only way out, is heavily padlocked. The den is rather large, but mostly filled with tables that have chemicals and beakers. There is one table that scares me. The table is angled and has restraints, so a petrified animal can't move. Behind me is a dark doorway with no door. "Hewo?" I ask. I realize that in my mouth has a gag in it, probably so I can't scream again. Out of the shadows comes Greely. He uses his blue teleportation mist and is suddenly right in front of me. Due to fright, I fall back on the mat. "She's awake." he grimly says. Using their teleportation mists one by one, Liza, Peck, Sir Gilbert, Graham and Cosmo appear. They just stare at me, expressionless. I shoot them an angry glance trying to tell them to do something. They still stand there, until Liza finally yanks the gag out. I pretend to gasp for air dramatically, trying to look as exhausted as possible, even though I could breathe just fine. "Greely, how could you even do this to her? Last time I checked, it was you who had been spying on her, telling us that she had some special gift, and this is how you treat her?" Liza yelled angrily. "Oh, if you think that's bad, he put a bag over my head when he was "fox-napping" me." I say to her. she gasps, "Greely, why you-" She reaches out and slaps him across the face really hard. "I am really disappointed in you!" she says, and teleports away. He stands there with his gaping mouth, shocked that he was slapped by a girl. "That was the last straw!" he says angrily. He rapidly walks to a table and picks up a beaker. The label on the beaker says "Dark Sleep Virus". "Greely! No, don't do it!" yells Cosmo. Greely ignores him. He sprints over to me. With my stubbornness and a lot of reluctance, he pries my mouth open and quickly pours the liquid in. It is bitter and cold. One second I was awake, the next I'm asleep.

The Tests

I wake up, and realize I am still on the mat I fell asleep on. The moon is still full that night, and it seems to be looking down at me, as if it was saying I was going to be OK. I stand. Next to me is Greely, giving me a death stare. "Ahh! I hate when you do that!" I yelp. He looks me in the eye. His eyes are a piercing shade of dark navy. He comes at me, using his giant paws to throw me into the wall. His paws are still pinning me to the wall. "I have to perform some tests to see if I am correct, that you do possess a special talent. I can't have any interruptions, do you hear me young lady?" he says in a low, growly voice. I had enough of his crap, so I turned and kicked him in the face. His eyes turned red, mad with rage. I ran over to the window trying to escape, but it was no use. Greely's paws dug into my hind legs. I yelled out the window "Help! Greely fox-napped me and now he is going to torture me!" I couldn't have been more wrong. Greely wasn't pulling me down, it was Sir Gilbert. "Hey Gilbert, we're pals, right? So can you please let me go?" I asked, cutely and nicely. He smiled an evil grin, his pointed, white teeth glimmered at me. He throws me to the ground. "Good," says Greely, "you may go now Gilbert." Greely picks me up with his huge jaws and brings me over to the scary table. He straps me into the restraints. "The first test is about your origins," he says, "which means I have to draw some blood." "No!" I yelp, "I hate needles!" "Well, too bad." Greely growls. He stabs the blood needle into one of my arm veins. I feel the needle pierce my flesh. I yell in pain. "Would you like the gag to go back in?" he snarls. I nod my head no. "Good. The first test is done, now for the second. I need to extract your DNA." He grabs a pair of scissors and cuts off a tuft of my once pretty fur, which is now matted. He puts it into a jar and seals it. "See, all done. That wasn't so bad." he coos. "Stop. You will not be successful." I say back to him. "Oh, I already have." he says. I try to bite him, but his paw scratches my face. He kicks me, and I yelp in pain. I fall back asleep.

The Next Morning

I am, again, on the mat. Greely looks restless as he shouts, "I have the results!" The Alphas teleport to his spot. Liza spots me. She teleports over to me. "What's this?" she asks as she gently touches the cuts and bruises on my face. " me..." Liza looks at Greely and says "Ugh, really?" She picks me up in her arms and carries me over to where Greely is. "So, what's the good news?" she says reluctantly. "The tests prove I am, indeed, correct. Enchanted has the abilities to become an Alpha. According to her bloodlines, it appears her relatives are able to communicate with Phantoms and internally destroy them, but there are only a small handful of those relatives, and they are all currently deceased." "Oh." Liza says, "Does that mean we- I mean you can return her?" "No," Greely states, "Enchanted is the only living animal so far who is able to internally destroy Phantoms. I must keep her here for more testing." I start to cry, "But I want to go home, away from you, you monster!"

The Journey Home

That day Greely tested me more, but I reluctantly refused. "Enchanted, wake up!" Liza whispers, "I'm going to sneak you home." I silently nod. She releases the chains that Greely had put on me to prevent me from escaping. She teleports me back to my den, in my room. She tucks me into bed. "Don't worry," she says, "I will make sure Greely will never get to even see you again, do you understand?" i nod. "If what Greely says is true, use your powers only when you are in danger. Until I see you again, goodbye and be safe." Liza says. My eyes flutter shut, and the next day is better.