What a nice day. The sun shone through the banana patterened curtains unluckily the beam rested on Bobs sleeping face. " Poochie? " Bob said jerking awake. " Just a bad dream." He breathed hugging Tim the teddy. " Jerry. Carl " He called getting dressed and heading off to his glass bathroom. mmm Banana flavored toothpaste. He got his yellow toothbrush and applied Banana bash, brushing furiously. " Hi Jerry, where's Carl?" Bob asked curiously. He cuddled Poochie and waiting for Jerrys reply " King bob, Carl is suffering Yellow Feaver " Jerry said breathing heavily " Oh." Bob said " Thats sad, anyways. I cant stand seeing Poochie sleep on the ground. he needs a rathouse" Bob said placing the cleaned and disease checked sewage rat he found in his latest adventure. " Will do your majesty" Jerry said hurriying off to the Minion castle shed.

Stuarts P.O.V

I woke up with a BANG.

I was getting a new Ukulele! I trundled over to my closet and picked out my papaya-print overalls.

Not before I hung out in the jacuzzi with my papaguenas, Tiffany and Jennifer.

I brushed my teeth with my banana shaped toothbrush with my apple toothpaste and ran over to McDonald's to get Bob and Kevin new minion toys and lunch.

I dashed over to Chris's Guitars and Ukuleles.

I bought a Type-X70 Ukulele. I instantly tuned it and when I got home, I played and played all day!

Then I heard a crash. A pile of wood crashed down, almost crushing Bob. "Kevin! Be more gentle with the lava bombs!" I yelled. "Sorry!", Kevin replied.

Kevins P.O.V ( send something to my message wall if you want to play Kevin. )

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