Chapter 1

Welcome to Kitland! Well, sort of. Located on the island of Kittenlandia, Kitland is the largest city in the country and it's also the capital city. So yeah! I could ramble on about the largest cities in Kittenlandia, but the largest is Kitland, second largest is Oakland, third is Westfall.

Sorry, I'm a nerd about my own country. You see, legends are born here. Well, not legends but something close to that. We're known globally, we get millions of visitors each year! We welcome everyone! Except for the dogs of the super-city, Canitropolis.

Ok, let's be real. Canitropolis isn't bad. We have nothing against them. But the leaders of the large city just saw that our city, Kitland, was larger than theirs some time ago, before I was born, so ever since we have been ever expanding, competing to hold the title of the animal world's largest city.

But that's too much useless trivia about Kittenlandia! What I'm saying is: I don't wanna stay in Kittenlandia forever. I know it's too risky going to Canitropolis if you're a cat, but I don't fancy being a cat anymore. I wanna be one of them, a dog. So I'm going to do the unthinkable, and convert myself into a dog.

Haha, it sounds ridiculous, but that's what I'm doing. My name's Rooben, which is a pretty odd way of spelling Reuben or Ruben, but my parents were whackos and that's what they named me. Everyone calls me Red because of my ginger fur, and that's okay with me. Anything but Rooben.

So here's what I'm doing: I'm making a...what do those humans call it? Furry suit? Animal suit? I don't know. I'm just going to be sewing together a tail, ears, and a larger muzzle with a larger boopity nose. I'm halfway done, and I don't know whether this plan works or not. Let's just hope it does.

After a few days of working, I'm all set. I don't have the strong look of a dog, I look more like a scrawny, underfed dog. But that's okay, because as soon as I get to the city, I'll try to work hard and eat more. Not that the food here in Kittenlandia sucks, mind you.

So I will set off, as a young shibe, to the country of Doggagonn, to the city of Canitropolis. Before I go, I must tell you one more thing. Nobody here in the country really hates dogs with such a passion. I mean, if we ever see a dog in the city, it would be like seeing a snowman in a scorching desert. Irrelevant, looking like it doesn't fit in, but that's okay. We don't mind, except if the dogs start chasing us or attacking us. That's when we do take care of the problem.

Life is pretty peaceful here, except for school, the one place that I won't miss. Speaking of places that I'll miss, there's this one music store down the road from my apartment, and I always go there to chat with this girl called Monica. She's nice, and I'll definitely be missing her.

As I packed up, I threw in a bunch of my favorite albums by my favorite artists. Actually, I shoved them all in because there's no way I'm leaving them all behind. I threw in some books, a couple of notebooks and pens (just in case I need to take note of anything), some of my favorite sweaters, and my backup shibe costume things.

I looked around my apartment. I'll be missing most of my things: my bed, my posters, most of my clothes, my books, and my computer. But I'll only be out for a few days, so what could go wrong? I sighed as I walked out of the apartment. I locked my door, then shoved my keys in my pocket. My backpack wasn't suspiciously heavy or big, so I was fine. With my shibe costume on, I was sure to be let into Canitropolis.

As I walked out onto the street, I saw no one. Funny because nighttime is always the rush hour, us cats being nocturnal creatures. But there was one or two cars zooming past and that was it. I walked down the deserted street. The shops closed, no lights on except for streetlights, and the sound of cars passing by or just some breeze.

I shrugged it off. Maybe people were on vacation? Easter holidays equal less people on the streets, at least that's what I believed. The metro station wasn't that far from here, actually, and I took it often. As I descended down the stairs that used to be so crowded at this time, I wondered if all the cats in Kitland were abducted, or maybe they were staying at home because there was a public announcement about some type of murderer running loose.

I shook off the thought, since it gave me chills. If the I thought the street was quiet, the metro station was even quieter. I waited for what seemed an eternity at the station, sitting on a bench. I scanned my surroundings. Nothing but a dark tunnel to the left and another tunnel to the right, along with a long, deserted platform.

It was too quiet, too eerie. Not even the faintest sound of the tracks rumbling, signifying that the metro was here, nothing. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, my eyes wildly looking around. Something wasn't right. My tail fur rose, and I stood up. I didn't notice the metro train pull up, and I jumped.

Gathering my things, I walked in and took a seat. There was just a few people in the car, a she-cat and her two kits, and a emo-y teen with some earbuds. The she-cat eyed me warily and pulled her kits close to her, and the teen just glanced at me and nodded. Was that look curiosity? Or was it the need to murder me? I wouldn't know. This is why teenagers scare me.

I shifted in my seat, blinking. The train stopped at Oakland City, a small city not too far from here. The she-cat got off, glaring at me as she took her kits by the paws. The doors closed, and soon I found that the teen was staring at me. I got kind of uncomfortable. Could he see through my disguise?

He nodded at me and said, "Where'd you come from? Canitropolis?" I nodded. "Yep," I said. "It's a pretty big city, Canitropolis." The teen took a couple of seconds to process that information, then said, "My name's Pete. As in, Pete the Cat. Have you heard of him?" He giggled, but he didn't meet my eyes.

I managed a laugh. "Oh yeah, Pete the Cat. I've heard of him. In the books?"

Pete shook his head and laughed. "No," he said. "The one in the...ah, nevermind. You haven't heard of it, probably." He looked around, then carefully got up and sat in the seat next to me. "So you're going back to your city, eh?" Pete said, his gaze was intense. His eyes seemed to burn right through mine, and I nearly flinched. "Listen," he said in a low whisper. "Before you go...can I have your number?"

I nearly choked on my own spit. "My number?" I said, biting back a laugh. "What for?" The teen just flipped his hair and winked at me. "Just in case," he said, then he took out a pen. "Write it on my arm."

I agreed to his weird...idea. So I wrote my number on his arm, and he laughed. I handed him the pen, puzzled. "What?" I said. He shook his head. "Your stop is next."

I readied my backpack, and he handed me a slip of paper. "This is my number," he said. "Just in case you need it." He winked at me again. "You'll know when to call,"

I put it somewhere in my backpack, but when I turned to thank him, he wasn't there. Maybe he went into the next car? That's what I wanted to believe.

[1] < continuing story here

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