My username is Fingfangfoom1 (buddy me if you want!)

One day it was a Sunday night I was on my laptop in bed it was all very relaxing. Once my best friend misstiger68 (buddy her if you want too!) Sent me a card saying 'meet me in my shiver!' I went right away. "Have you heard and creepy sounds recently?" She asked. "No not that I know of; what were these sounds like?" I asked. She did the nervous  emote. "Well.. It's  been kinda like this: ' fang... Fang please! Don't leave me to die like this. .'"  now this made my heart beat fast. My username is fingFANGfoom1 so you can see why. Suddenly I heard a big "MEOWOOWOWOW HISSSS!!!' " brb" I said. And rushed down stairs  to see what was happening to fudge! (My cat) to be honest I thought it would be she got into another fight with another cat, so when I saw a weird kid with blood on it's dress and one eye  hanging strangling her I was absolutely terrified. Ideas race through my head should I tell mum? Should I just save myself? Suddenly a idea raced across my mind. Save. Fudge. NOW!!! So I raced into my secret weapons draw and found my axe.  Then I ran at the kid and hacked it to pieces green blood was spurting out of it. It let go of fudge and she ran to the safety of under the sink. By now the wall and my dress were literally painted with the thing's green slimy blood. The kid that almost killed fudge was lying on the floor. It's last words were "how... How could you let me die like this...." After that I cleaned up the floor, fed fudge (once she had plucked up the courage to come out) and changed into a new dress. Finally i picked up the child and gazed at it. Then i burried it deep i the park.I went back to the  laptop and saw something absolutely devastating. ALL MY ITEMS AND CLOTHER WERE GONE! all my rares that I had spent so much to get were gone. "Well" I thought "at least I saved my beloved cat." Anyway they are just pixels on a electronic device. I got a jamagram and it said 'how could you...' It said it was from thelivingdead125

I slept with mum and dad that night because I couldn't sleep a wink at all

The end

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