I was so excited to go on Animaljam today... I mean, I was banned for a while xD.

I logged on, in a full server as usual, when I noticed something disturbing.

In the hoard of jammers, was a snow leopard.

As soon as I saw this snow leopard my gut was literally telling me not to go close to this jammer.

So, listening to my gut, like I usually do, I ignored the slightly disturbing leopard and traded my rares.

I was about to press some arctic wolf with a black spike, when I accidentally pressed the Snow Leopards user.

" You Idiot." I told myself, while exing out of the user page when I noticed what was making my gut feel nervous.

The snow leopards mouth, was sliced from ear to ear in a sick and eerie manner.

" Nope." I said, and quickly left Aldan.

Now... this is no cliche story that includes the snow leopard following me and doing some crap to my computer, but honestly I never saw the leopard again, but what did happen was some jammers in the same server recorded this happening and posted it. Weirdly, their videos were deleted within 24 hours, and that was suspicious.

( This is based off Kuchisake Onna.. some Japanese woman with a sliced mouth that was a murderer, )

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