KuneKune is a Unidentifiable white squiggle moving back and forth in the distance. Nobody knows exactly what the KuneKune looks like because anyone who had saw it lost their mind. One Japanese man tells his encounter with the KuneKune:

When I was young my parents brought my older brother and I to visit my grandparents. We never really saw them because they lived on the Countrysides of Akita. As soon as we arrived to our grandparents' house, My brother and I went out to play. The air was much fresher and cleaner than it was in the city. We walked through rice patties and fields. I started to get abit stiff walking in the sun. I was about to go back when my brother was staring at something. " What are you staring at? " I asked him. " That thing over there " The rice fields stretched as far as a eye could see and the area was completely deserted, I just couldn't make out what that thing was. It was a white thing, the size of a human and it was wiggling as if it was fluttering in the breeze. " Maybe its a scarecrow?" I said, " No its not. Scarcrows dont move like that" " A Sheet? " " It cant be, nobody lives near here and there is no wind. What the heck is that thing?" I had a strange uneasy feeling in the pit of my tummy. My brother ran into the house and when he returned he had a pair of binoculars. I grabbed at them and said " Ooh can I go first! " He shoved the out of my hand and said " Im older I go first " When my brother put the binoculars to his eyes his expression changed. He broke into a cold sweat and he was pale. He dropped the Binoculars and I could see fear in his eyes. " What was it? " I asked scared " There it is! There it is! " He said. My brother walked back into the house without saying a word. I bent down and picked up the binoculars, too scared to even peer into them. Just then my grandfather came running towards me. " What were you doing with those binoculars?!! " He asked. " Nothing just looking at that white thing " My uncles face was twisted in horror. " What!!!! You shouldn't look at that! " He shouted " Did you see it!? " He said, getting more horrified and loud at each of my answers " Not yet " He sighed in relief " Good, very good " Without knowing why I was sent back to the house. Everyone in the kitchen was crying. My brother was laughing like a crazy person, twisting and turning like the white thing we saw. We left the next day, my brother was laughing like a mental patient. They had to tie him up so he wouldn't move around. His face was twisted into a smile, I thought he was happy? But I noticed his eyes.. Tears poured down them. It sent a chill down my spine, my dad got out and smashed the binoculars. He got in and kept on driving

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