Lady the Pig - The Broken Fence FH
Chapter 1: Lament of the Tornado

Lady was happily frolicking about in her farmhouse. She knew it like her own hoof, and didn't mind when the odd raccoon came to say 'hi' or take some food. All of the farm animals you'd usually see at a normal farm were there, and life was beautiful for her. The farm was owned by a friendly family who was completely vegetarian, whilst having the odd egg or usual milk every morning. Because of this caring family, nothing could go wrong... could it? One beautiful night, the animals were sleeping safe and sound and the family was happily dreaming away. Suddenly, Lady awoke to a peculiar loud noise. It absolutely wasn't any of the animals - no, this noise was much louder than that. Spotting a tornado in the distance - yup, that was the source of the noise, and it wasn't a particularly good source, either. Oinking as loud as she could, Lady tried to wake up the rest of the animals and the family. Grunting, Barsher the (grumpy) horse neighed, "What's all the fuss about that you need to wake ME up in the middle of the night?!" Lady anxiously replied, "Tornado! Not much time, you need to run away as soon as possible!" He didn't take it in, however. "Look Lady, I've lived here all my life and I'm not prepared to leave!" Lady knew that once Barsher made a decision, there was no trying to take back that decision - he was a rather stubborn horse. Knowing all the other animals wouldn't heed to her warning AND her human family couldn't understand her, she ran for her life, pausing on a hill some ways from the farmhouse. From there, she watched as everything she knew and loved was destroyed by a tornado. Crying, she then noticed a faint blue glow coming from behind her. Turning around, Lady felt woozy and thus passed out. When she woke up, she immediately knew this wasn't home...

Chapter 2: Rejected in the New Life

Looking around, she noticed a statue besides her depicting a blue heron. Engraved on the statue base were the words, Mira: Protector of JamaaWell, Lady thought. Jamaa must be this new place I'm in. There's no looking back. Trotting along the tiled pathway, she was startled by the cluster of animals in front of her. A curious little bunny approached her, asking, "Are you the new animal?" Confused, Lady replied with a gentle no, unsure what was going on. The little bunny persisted on, continuing to ask, "Are you the new animal?" She bolted into the crowd and out on another tiled pathway leading to a fountain, resting on one of the patches of grass in that area. Once again crying, she tucked into a ball nervously. Soon, a crowd of various animals surrounded her, all of them beginning to get very noisy. Unused to the attention, she waded over to a little rocky island, where she rest, anxious, cold, and unloved. The other animals simply didn't know her inner pain, and before long, Lady fell asleep. However, when she woke up, she didn't remember falling asleep in this place - she was in a cave where a panda, a wolf, a koala, a monkey, a bunny and a tiger sat. They were all looking at her, and she didn't like the way they were gazing at her lonely self. After a minute of silence, the panda finally spoke. "So... Greely, what should we do with this new animal?" The panda asked the wolf, who was presumably Greely. "I don't know, Liza. Any ideas, Cosmo?" Greely said. This continued on with no ideas, Lady learning that the panda was Liza, the koala was Cosmo, the monkey was Graham, the bunny was Peck, and the tiger's name was Sir Gilbert. Well, when Sir Gilbert was asked to come up with an idea of what to do with Lady, he said, "Well, let's try to kick her out of Jamaa. AJHQ hasn't released a pig yet, so I'd recommend that." Lady panicked, screaming, "Please don't! You don't understand my past!" But it was too late. The alphas' paws started glowing, and she was teleported to the outskirts of Jamaa - a very crude place, where the air was thick and unfit, the ground rough on her hooves and wonky buildings lay about. Wait... Were those cat zombies in the distance? Lady screamed. She wanted to get out of this place alive, not eternally stay here dead! Running as fast as she could, she ran as fast as her hooves could carry her. Crying for help, she spotted a flock of white doves flying above, so she started flailing her legs about, hoping to catch their attention. Lady even started screaming, "Help me! Help me!" Noticing her distress, two doves flew down and seized her front two legs, one leg for each bird. Lady got rescued and was thus carried to Vividwing Forest.

Chapter 3: Explaining the Past

This chapter is yet to come!

Special thanks to FoxStray for creating The Vividwing Forest and TechSaur for creating the sandcats! Thank you two both!

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