Hey guys! This is intended as a backstory to Squazzil and Stryker! Remember how they came from another land? Well, this is the story of their land and what brought them to Silver's side as friends and allies.

He straightened up, his red cowl hiding his face from the red shadows cast all about the land. The monsters ignored him. He was one with them... he was one with all of Terraria. Now these newcomers to his land would pay. Crimeras wheeled in the sky above him as Blood Crawlers roamed the caves below. An occasional scream marked when they found a victim.

He knew their names. He knew everything about them. Squazzil and Stryker. They would regret the day they came into this land and smashed one of his many hearts... they would pay, indeed. There was nothing more powerful than the ability to shed blood, and that was his.

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