Years ago, Greely was at zios. Juno stepped up to greely with a baby wolf in her mouth. "Look, Greely, I found this arctic wolf being attacked." Juno barked " A arctic wolf eh? White with blue lightning bolts? Larger than other wolves. Large Icystar!" Greely replied and dropped an actually powered rainbow amulet. "Give this to her." said greely again. Juno put the amulet on the wolf pup. The amulet generated powers in her. She became the spirit wolf.

Years later....

Large was a teenage arctic wolf. "I know headdresses are so cool!" Large said to fuzzy "Ikr" Fuzzy replied. A sirening horn went off. Large Icystar walked to Greely which was blowing the horn. "What is it dad?" Asked Large "I want you to venture out of jamaa to discover the phantom fortress!" Said greely "Well go on!". Large walked out of the borders of jamaa. Never to look back, she walked into the tall forest. Walking day and night, not to stop until reaching the phantoms. A big tower was on the horizon. Large ran faster and danced in front of the door. She was noticed! The phantoms caught her and was brought to be sacrificed by the volcano. She was held in a crystal, much like greely. A wolf like phantom walked in the room. "Well, well,well it's the spirit wolf." He said "Feel my wrath!". Before she knew it she was corrupted. She was black. She fought herself for her TRUE self. She was uncorrupted once again. She used the amulet and created a fighting rainbow. The rainbow destroyed the crystal, and the fortress. Large used her rainbow wings and flew back the jamaa. "Everybody, hide!" Snapped Large. All the animals hid in their den. Large used her amulet and fought the remaining phantoms. All the phantoms were gone except the phantom king which was not there. All the alphas were in jubilation. Jamaa was saved for now.

The end

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