This is the story of how the iPad app: AJ Jump! Came to be.

"I can jump higher than anyone!" I heard the boastful kangaroo, Mutant, say. Many wished to say that he couldn't, but that would be a lie. It was true that Mutant could jump higher. But what he didn't have was endurance. And I, Bouncing, was determined to beat him at something...

One afternoon, I finally summoned enough courage to talk to Mutant. "Mutant!" I yelled, bounding up to him. "What." Mutant growled. I took a deep breath. A few other kangaroos were watching us curiously, wondering what I was talking to the boastful kangaroo about. "I challenge you to a jump-off! We bounce up the cliffs, eventually the clouds and... Whoever gets highest wins!" A few kangaroo's gasped, others just stared at me, the kangaroo daring to challenge Mutant.

There was a bigger crowd than expected on the day of the challenge. I could spot monkeys higher up, too! "You're going down, Bouncing." Mutant laughed. I rolled my eyes but said nothing. A sign jump beside us said One way UP.

More soon!

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