This is not a true story.

Yes, I know you question the title. There are no sheep in Jamaa. At least... That's what you think. Do you want to know about Lena?


Are you really sure?

"Of course."

Okay. Lena is a Jammer. She plays - make that played - Animal Jam.

Let's start the story the day before she joined.


Ellie, her friend, is on one of the classroom computers. "Lena, come over here! Look! I got a fox hat!"

"What's a fox hat? Are you playing a game?"

"Yeah. It's called Animal Jam. You make an avatar that's an animal and you can play games!. I soo wish that there were sheep in it. You should play, though! It's fun!"



Later that day, at home, Lena made an account.

"Look! It's a sheep! I think that I'll make it my avatar," Lena thought to herself. "Maybe they're new, since Ellie said that she wished that they would come. Maybe it's a glitch!" Lena went through the tutorial. "Cool!"

Lena went into Jamaa. People started shouting at her. "What IS that animal?" "Who are you?" "Maybe that's the new animal?" Even, "Guys, everybody look! It's AJHQ!"

"What is AJHQ? I'm new to this game," she said. " I just joined 1 hour ago and..." She was cut off.

"She has free chat!" "She can type numbers!" Eventually, someone stepped up. "Come to my den," they ordered. "Now." She did.

"I know who you are," they said. "You are the last jammer. No one will ever join this game again, thanks to you." Lena startled.

"I'm kidding! But who are you? Your account seems to be glitched.

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