I was playing Animal Jam at night, since I took the laptop to my room.

I logged on to Animal Jam, and there was only one server. Aldan.

Funny because, Aldan is the most populated and crowded server in Jamaa, and nobody was on. Not at this time.

There are ALWAYS players online, and now there were none? I started to feel a bit worried, since I've read a lot of Animal Jam stories, and scary stories sometimes start with this type of beginning. I refreshed the page, and I was back at the same Jamaa Township in Aldan.

I started to feel a bit scared now, since there was nobody on, not even on my buddies list. Just then, a Jammer appeared out of nowhere, It was a black wolf with red, menacing eyes. His name was Little Cooljammer. He seemed to smile, and wrote something that said,

"Let's be be a buddy request. I clicked on no, since I didn't want to be friends with this creepy looking jammer. But then I remembered: My buddy requests were off.

I went to my den, making sure it was locked. But Little came into my den. I was starting to feel the hairs at the back of my neck stand straight up.

"Why don't you want to be buddies?"

He said, as he slowly crept over to my animal.

"We'll have lots of fun!"

"We'll be best buddies!"

Just then, a red screen appeared out of nowhere. On it was a picture of little with blood spattered all over him, and my animal below him, covered in blood.

I was terrified by now, and my screen turned black.

My normal AJ screen appeared, with all the players on.

But I didn't see my animal.

The only thing I saw was Little.

He was my animal now, and he seemed to smile evilly.

"Let's be buddies!", he said, and my screen blacked out.

The only thing left behind was a red note that had a picture of Little with my animal, saying,

"We are best buddies!"

( this is so old smh )

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