"I thought this thing would never happen.... I was DEAD WRONG."

Chapter 1

I logged into Animal Jam on a normal Saturday. I went into Aldan, Jamaa Township. I kept typing in, "Trade me fair, Blue long on trade!" I kept getting unfair offers, like usual. But then a white bunny with blue eyes traded me a necklace. Of course, I declined. But then I got the trade AGAIN from the SAME person. I got a bit annoyed and declined. Then a third time, I got it from the SAME PERSON. I finally hit my fist against the wall and blocked the person. I had a short temper. But then I got a trade, a necklace. The same person. The person was called Awesome IcyPaw. I panicked a little and left. Then I saw the person come INSIDE my den. I checked if it was locked, it was. Then I saw the bunny talking even I BLOCKED HER. She said "Let's Be Buddies!" I saw many creepypastas before and I was scared if I declined, she would get me. So, I added her. She accepted. After that she said, "Meet Me In Sol Arcade!" Then she left.

Chapter 2

I went to Sol Arcade as I saw the little bunny waiting for me. I was still scared of her and slowly said "So uh, want to play Wind Rider?" Awesome (the bunny) happily said "No." She said that she wanted to play "Gimme the Pass Pass." I knew what that meant. I unbuddied her, ran into another server and went to Brady's Lab. She appeared in my den and said, "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?" I quickly said "No, let's play another day!" Awesome just stood there for a second. After that she said, "Yes... maybe we can play AnOtHeR dAy." I then heard the song InSaNiTy. Then after 40 seconds, the song Pendelum - Shiki came on and I only heard creepy little girls singing, "La, La, La." I was so scared that I was about to log off. But this was only the beginning.

Chapter 3

Awesome said "You don't want to play today? Another day?" then I saw blood coming down. My wolf was doing the surprised emotion by itself. The screen flashed and it said "LET'S PLAY, RIGHT NOW!" It then logged off by itself. I was so scared I clicked X and shutted off my computer. I was acting like a baby. I ran to my room crying my eyes out. On Wednesday, I nearly forget about it all. I logged into my account. I was still a bit paranoid. I expected something bad to happen, like in every other horror story. But nothing happened. I thought it was gone. But then I heard the "doorbell" ring in my den. Someone in my den. I was hoping it was just one of my friends. When I entered, I screamed. A screamer appeared and blood came out it's mouth. It's eyeball rolled out and a heard a little girl in the backround saying "LET'S PLAY, FOREVER MY BEST BUDDY!" I tried to click X but it didn't work. Then, it all disappeared. I was in my den again and the bunny was there. "Hi friend!" it said cheerfully. I was so scared that I actually yelled "YOU WANT MY PASS PASS? IT'S ILOVEKITTENS12345!" The little bunny smiled and I was logged out.

Chapter 4

After a few hours, I logged back in. I expect my items to be gone, my animals, gone. My gems, friends gone. But nothing! I had everything. I was SO HAPPY! I opened up my items again and then I saw internal organs. I saw them coming out of a stomach. I then saw Peck the bunny alpha cut them OPEN! She happily said, "We're doing a dissection on a human! Look at their reproduce organ! This is a girl so they have a (censored)."I screamed and tried to get off. The mouse was stuck to my hand! I cried and closed my eyes. But my eyes opened by themselves! "What!' I screamed. "How on earth can a computer game control REAL LIFE?!" It was so disturbing, and finally the nightmare ended! My items clicked away by themselves. Then my screen went black. A bunny popped up and said, "Thanks for playing with me!" then it disappeared.

Chapter 5

My wolf was standing there. Other jammers started to disappear. Fade off. They all became wolves but they had no eyes and they were all black. The backround become gray. The wolves disappeared and Awesome (the bunny) was standing there. "Why are you doing this to me?" I said. The bunny smiled at me and I disappeared to another server. It was called " Awesome's Hell World, Suffer Forever" I was so scared. Then I saw other jammers. When they saw me, they crowded around me. They kept saying "Awesome IcyPaw claims another player... don't be scared. The same thing happened to us. She wanted to be our friends, she sent us here." I was more scared than ever. I wasn't the only one who suffered. Then, she appeared. She smiled evily and said, "Finally, I have all of the friends I want." "Back then, I was a newbie. I was nice to everyone, I gave them everything they wanted. They used me and backstabbed me. They tortured me when I treated them like a kind sibling. Sometimes even a mother. But they never loved me back. Now I have my revenge. I have my own kingdom and plenty of people to torture!" I looked up and saw her. I frowned. She didn't do this on purpose. She was tortured and hurt, she wants to defend herself. I don't blame her. "Now it's time you all die! After that, I'll skin you all to become my dolls!"

Chapter 6

About 400 jammers in there, inculding LilacPetal ran around screaming. I saw blood on the floor and internal organs. I saw a dead jammer. It's last words were, "Run! And hide!" Awesome took the dead jammers and skinned them. She took out their fur, skin, organs, and blood and made them into realistic dolls. "Now, I can be nice and treat me nice back!" I ran for my life has there was only 10 jammers left. Then, 9 of them died. Only one left? Me. "Seems like my newest friend will die last!" she said. I grabbed her and yelled out her, "What's YOUR PROBLEM? You want to get revenge on people who TORTURED YOU! Not completely random ones!" The bunny eye's widen then narrowed. "Because-it's mostly rare people!" she screamed. I then grab her by the legs and squeezed it. "Please, stop this! Look what you did! All of these people did NOTHING to you! I said sadly as I showed her the dead bodies, bloody floor, and the organs. Awesome then frowned. She shook her head but then she stopped. She shed a single tear. "I see my fatal mistake." she said quietly. I let her down and she fell in the bloody floor. "I killed thousands of innocent jammers, I must kill myself." she said silently. I opened my mouth to say that she didn't have to but then she disappeared and her organs remain.

Chapter 7 (Final Chapter)

Nothing was heard of Awesome IcyPaw and the 400 jammers after that. The Animal Jam News Crew and the Daily Explorer was only about the discovery of the bunny. She has hacked the game. When I log in, I always get a gift from Animal Jam and they always say, "Thank you for stopping the hacker!" But I was the only jammer alive to tell the truth. The people who got killed only got killed in the game, but she hacked the game so well, they can't even go on the website. The person who was Awesome IcyPaw commited sucicide in real life. Every night, I'd think about that person.

Well that's the story. Awesome IcyPaw was a very strange person at first, but had a bad time. Don't judge them..

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