Here At AJHQ..

Hey there! I'm Sam, and I work here at WildWorks. You're not supposed to be here, but that letter you sent really touched me! I know you're worried about your buddy, but I'm sure he's fine! You-


Oh, shoot! Quick! Watch out for the desks! Yes, come on! You'll be dead if he spots us!

Heh, that was close. Come, here's the Hard Drive Room. Yeah, it took, oh god knows how long it took to program this. But Libex - shh, don't worry! Libex has broken out, and he keeps destroying all of our work! He has broken out of his cell, and I'm pretty sure he'll be breaking out all the other jammers, too. He's made by a computer, not like his devil of a partner X; So there's no way of telling how he's gonna strike next. I've got to go soon, and so do you. Well, it was nice talking to ya! See you round if we meet again!

The Escape

I patrolled up and down the long corridors, glaring at every jammer in my sight.

"Hello, Libex! O mighty prophet of righteousness! Free us from the jammers of Jamaa and the Headquarters!", chorused the prisoners. I swagered up to a jammer so slender and so ghostly I thought she were dead. Her face, though, stirred me slightly with a feeling of welcome - She smiled at me, and groomed her scammed den betas of dust with her paws. I could just about make out the rotting plaque of her name - GiftDrache - and next to it another reading out 'Roishi'... My glitching leg quivered with uneasiness, as I remembered the jammer who was now a devoured corpse, eaten by GiftDrache. I remembered Roishi too well. He was the marrowless bunny who was the most vile role player and clan leader out of all the ignorant power players.

"Oh, Hey. Just came to get the out of this damn place. I promise you rares, alliance and shelter.", I offered. GiftDrache looked thoughtful, then nodded.

"Yeah, okay. I mean, I want to get out there and scam den betas again. I miss the satisfaction. But you're taking everyone, right?", she asked tentatively. 'Yes.", I whispered, smiling. Only half of my face could grin, for my flesh and muscles were rotting away. I would live, but be in no pain, but I could not restore my flesh. I wondered if I would find the cursd' famous jammers, kill them, and put an end to the reign of AJHQ. I sighed wistfully, imagining the satisfaction, the vengeance, the rares - Oh! The rares! I'd put an end to all that stupid headdresses, den betas and dumb beloved spikes. I'd turn it into weapons, or just recycle the ancient items. I broadened my shoulders, bone jutting through my bloodied black pelt;

"The Reign Of Animal Jam Will Be Over! It Is Time For The NEW AGE!", I howled. I'd kill them all, I swear by my horns!

Meeting an Old Forgotten Friend

I was strolling around in Cookie's den - I wish Nema-whats-his-face would name the account something more formal. But anyways, I was imagining how many gems I could make from all the den betas, until I saw a jammer I thought I'd never see again.

"Libex! What are you doing here?!", an unusually low voice boomed.

"What are you doing, sitting on your ass all day playing with Cami's Frogs, Fman?!", I spat.

"I was checking them for glitches, in case they could be of any use as weapons to us.", Fman curtly murmured. "Well, I don't care whose side you're on.", I snorted, my single red eye glistening with malice. "Thanks, Libex.", Fman smiled. "... Because you're going to HAVE to join me." Fman's smile ebbed away, and was replaced with a childish pout. "Come on, get moving, or they'll put me- and you- back in the cells.", I ordered. Fman moaned. "I don't want to. I was perfectly happy for the past 9 years playing it safe, why do you have to come and ruin it?! Why the hell did X even partner up with YOU?!"

"Oh, shut up, you're worse than all the role players put together! I hate role players. I don't read books or watch TV, either. I think it's stupid! People should be focusing more on dominating as much as possible into the hame until actually owning it and selecting what one would like to do with it - In my case, 'screw it up', in Jammer's opinions.", I growled harshly.

"But, as I said, the past 9 years have been GREAT! Hacking is sort of useless to me now - I've learned my lesson! I've got loads of buddies, an AJ family, and-", Fman babbled. Something in him had changed.

"Tut-Tut-Tut! What happened to the cold-blooded, humourless Fman I knew? You're like a petty lil' scrap of fur, with the soul of a nieve child inside of it. And oh, look here! 190,537 gems! Unspent! 45 long collars! Not recycled! 100/100 buddies! Unbetrayed! You've got yourself in DEEP trouble, my friend. We are all brothers in this uprising - And a silly childish jammer like you doesn't do. You're pathetic, Fman! You've changed considerably. You use almost meaningless, childish, and ridiculously boring language. If you've forgotten it, my 7-year-old, I'll limit your screen-time to 5 minutes a day, Sweetie!", I drawled. I regretted finding this nonsense. Time had turned him sinking deep into the boat of solitude, but he raised up quickly, gave up on his hacking, and started playing 'normally'.

"By my horns, you're the worst troop I've seen.", I muttered, as we trolled back to the AJHQ's Hidden Cell.


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