A creepypasta written by NightshadeTheWolf

Let me introduce you to the day that curiosity killed me in Animal Jam.

I’ll just admit that I found Animal Jam boring at that time. There was nothing else to do. Not many people bothered to talk to me. I mean, Jammers these days either beg for mates, adoptions, rares, or they try to get attention in stupid ways in hopes to become famous. Animal Jam just didn’t seem fun anymore. Until that one day when I found French Animal Jam!

The truth is, I found it awesome when I created an account on French AJ. I found the French names even more beautiful than the English ones! I eventually chose the beautiful name “Mira Coeur-timide”, with my username being “Reine des loups”, which, translated into English, meant “queen of wolves”.

I logged on, and I found it cool having everything translated into French. I also found it helpful chatting in French with others, because I was learning French. In the French server, not many people were there…except about two or three. Then one wolf walked close to me and asked, “Quelqu'un peut m'aider?”

That meant, “Can someone help me?” I tried to respond by saying, “Oui”, but unfortunately I couldn’t type it.

Way to go, translators.

Since I couldn’t say yes, I just left to my den, where I bought den items and decorated. That same wolf appeared suddenly in my den and instead of a message, what appeared was a blank chat bubble.

Behind my laptop, I furrowed a brow in confusion, then resumed with my den. The wolf came closer and yelled at me in caps lock, “QUELQU’UN PEUT M’AIDER?!”

Now, I was pretty freaked out at this. So I just responded, “Non!” and went to Jamaa Township to the Pillow Room, which was completely empty.

The wolf came again and asked the same question, along with an occasional blank chat bubble. Now he was really creeping me out, following me everywhere, asking me the same question repeatedly even though I said no every time. This guy was really getting on my nerves!

So I logged off. Then I went back on my normal account, and vowed never to log onto my French account again. Until the day he actually came back.

I was with some friends, and he came to my friend’s den and asked the question again. I shouted at him in front of my friend to leave me alone, but then he did a blank speech bubble and disappeared.

I didn’t understand why he was able to chat the blank bubble when it’s only available in French AJ, and we were in the original English one…

I logged off of AJ altogether, and decided if he was going to stalk me anywhere on AJ, I wouldn’t play AJ at all.

Until curiosity got the better of me.

I decided to log onto English AJ again about two months later, curious to see if he would try to bother me again. After about half an hour, he didn’t come, so I figured he was completely gone.

Oh, how wrong I was.

He appeared when I was at my den, adding an item from Adventures. He came and then asked a different question,

“Aimez-vous mourir?” Now, I was scared. That message meant, “Do you like dying?” I replied, “Non!”

Big mistake.

Something happened with my laptop screen, ‘cause it zoomed in on his black-and-red fur and red eyes as he asked again, “Aimez-vous mourir?”

I tried logging off, but my mouse wouldn’t respond.

“A dumb glitch,” I muttered to myself, “nothing major.”

Just then Animal Jam logged me off. I was quite scared, but I decided to see what would happen again.

I logged back in. Jamaa was completely empty. I found that suspicious. Normal, English AJ was always full of Jammers. In the center of Jamaa Township, the wolf sat there, and said,

“Vous allez mourir aujourd’hui!”

My hands shook above the keyboard. He just said, “You will die today.”

That can’t be good.

I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen, my thoughts scattering, trying to think of a way to escape what was happening…

Just them, when I looked up on my screen again, the strange wolf was standing in my wolf’s place. He showed the “vampire” emoticon, and then vanished.

I stared at the screen in horror. My animal was gone, completely gone. I had no creature in this game to control, and now the killer was gone, never to be seen again.

Then I noticed something different about my nametag. Instead of my animal’s name, it read,

“Je suis mort.”

My heart pounded. In AJ, I was….dead.

Then the words on the nametag morphed into something else. After gazing at a jumble of letters, it read,

“T’es mort, petit loup! Je suis le monstre de votre rêves mauvais!"

Then the screen went black.

(Note: this creepypasta was inspired by Skullkidplaysanimaljam's Creepypasta, called "French Server", so credit goes to him for inspriring me to do this story.)