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They Looked down at Jamaa Township Everything Happy and OK

"Ugh" Moaned A Deep Voice "Revolting".

Another Threw up.

"We need to stop it" Grumbed the Voice. "How?" Asked Another. "We Take Over, Kill the Alphas, Make the Animals our Minions, And rule Jamaa!", "We Cannot Sir" Said another running up "Do you know what day it is??" "Why would I Care?" The Voice asked Menacingly " Its Friday" Breathed the Voice "Friday the 15th!!!!!" "So,Shes no match for us We Can do anything" Laughed the King Phantom "Anything"...

Chapter One: Another Day, Another Dissapointment

AnimalJam photo

Our Main Charater, Twilight

It was Another day in Jamaa, Birds Singing, Flowers Blooming, Yep, This is the life. I Got off the bed and put on my Fox Hat, the Nonmember one that is. I Walked out the Door, My Pink Paws hitting the soft Grass, "First day of Spring" I Thought, "Has to be a Good Day". I Skipped to Jamaa Township Looking at the Crowds before me. "School my Den" Called out a Magenta Wolf, "Trade me, I'm Rarer than I Look!!!!" Cried out a Seal. I Stopped when I Came to The Mira statue, Just to Admire its Beauty.The Carved Lapis stone mixed with the Lime Green Vines was Enough to bring a tear to my Eye

I've Read "The History of Jamaa" Enough times to Know how Mira Sacrificed Herself to keep us safe. So, Everyday i Go to the Statue Just to Pray How lucky I Am to NOT Be One King Phantoms Minions."Hey Twilight" Said my Pal, EarsandPears Coming Up "Hows it Goin,"

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