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Deep in the outskirts of Jamaa, there was a forest with beings we never thought existed. Phoenixes, griffins, unicorns, and the like. In the center of that forest, known as the legendary Moonlight Forest, was a gigantic tree, said to be the very life of Jamaa, bringing happiness and laughter everywhere across the land. However, it was cursed by the Phantom King to supposedly disappear. It was also rumored that the Moonlight Forest is still out there, somewhere. Since then, the Moonlight Forest was removed from maps and was retold instead as a legend passed down by generations, and our children to come. Not even the Alphas believed the legend of the Moonlight Forest was true. Some legends prophesized that in the middle of the 1000th Alphas' Week, the "One" will restore the light of the Moonlight Tree, and free the Moonlight Forest from her curse.

Most jammers think it's just a silly prophecy, but not me. I know the Moonlight Forest exists, and the curse was true. But what can I do? I'm just a young wolf. Well, young but smart. Today was the beginning of the thousandth Alphas' Week, and the Alphas were planning to parade into Jamaa Township. I decided to put on my purple Star Hat, blue pirate sword, a diamond tail, and purple candy cane socks. After all, I am a nonmember. I honestly think it's stupid to pay a million gems for membership, but whatever anyways, almost all things in Jamaa have been going up the price.

I rushed out of my small house den into Jamaa Township, and sure enough, it was cramped alright. Many retarded Arctic Wolf girls dressed like a Mary Sue were squealing in delight as Greely walked into the center of the Township, saying stupid things like, "OMG GREELY MARRY ME!" "HI DAD!" "GREELY'S MY BOYFRIEND!" I rolled my eyes. I honestly wanted to beat them all up and throw them into the very edge of the Animal Jam universe, but I couldn't since that's pretty much impossible. But if that was possible, I would have already done that and Jamaa would be free from those freaks. Next to parade in was Liza, followed by Peck, then Graham, then Cosmo, then Sir Gilbert.

Then, they started giving this really long speech about how they were going to "improve" Jamaa, and I think I almost fell asleep because speeches bore me. But don't get me wrong- I love Alphas' Week. Well, only the concert part of it where three Jammers are chosen to sing with the Alphas on stage. This week, I was hoping I would get chosen. After the annoyingly long speech, they were already picking the lucky Jammers for the concert thing. I bit the lower part of my snout, getting sweaty as they came to the third Jammer. "And, the third lucky winner is..." Peck began, "Victory Daringstone!" I almost screamed. That was my name! I went with them to the Jam Session, and Peck lead me, a "Greely's girlfriend" Arctic Wolf, a cool looking cheetah, and of course, me backstage. "Now, you go rehearse, Victory, your up for the big finale." Peck said. I forgot to tell you, the third Jammer is always the grand finale. I planned on singing Defying Gravity, sung by Idina Clawzel, from my favorite musical, Wicked, which tells the tale of the Wicked Witch of the West and The Good Witch from one of my favorite books, the Wizard of Oz, and how they met each other and became the best of friends.

The Arctic Wolf, known as Rosy Cuterose, (ugh) planned on singing "How to Be a Heartbreaker" by Marina and the Diamonds. The cheetah, named Emperor Frozenpaw, planned on singing some rock song I don't even know the title of. I was nervous for my performance, since I don't sing that much. Emperor went first, singing a duet with Sir Gilbert. Rosy went second, singing a duet with Liza. From what Liza looked like during the performance, I could tell she was just as annoyed as I was with her. Then, I was supposed to sing a duet with Peck, complete with the actual acting. I gulped, sweating with stage fright. "Don't worry, you can do it." Peck said encouragingly.

The first instruments of the song began playing, and I was forced to sing.

"Something has changed within me,

Something is not the same,

I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game

Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep.

It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap

It's time to try Defying Gravity, I think I'll try Defying Gravity,

And you can't bring me down!"

"Can't I make you understand?!" Peck sang. "You're having delusions of granture!"

We sang the rest of the song, and the part where the Wicked Witch was supposed to rise up epicly came. When I was being lifted up into the air, I was trembling.

"She's nothing to do with it, it's me! It's me!

So if you care to find me

Look to the westen sky!

As someone told me lately, everyone deserves a chance to fly!

Just imagine a bunny as the yellow girl and a wolf as the green witch05:31

Just imagine a bunny as the yellow girl and a wolf as the green witch

And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free,

To those who'd ground me, take a message back from me!" I sang menacingly.

"Tell them how I am Defying Gravity, I'm flying high Defying Gravity! And soon I'll match them in renown, and nobody, in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever gonna bring, me down!"

I sang the last part of the song, which was the riff, and the curtains closed at exactly the right moment. I was smiling so widely, it looked like I was crazy or something. The Alphas congratulated me, and I ran home before Jammers would swarm around me. The cold night air was really refreshing for me. "Finally I'm home!" I said to myself. I went over to where my Wavy Bookshelf was to get my book about the Moonlight Forest, which I was supposed to focus on. I looked at the map where the Forest supposedly was. "Looks like I'm going to arrive there on Wednesday," I said, groaning. But it'll be worth it anyway, just to see the magic of the Forest. I was going to need a companion though, and I knew exactly who to bring. I packed up the things I would need for my trip, and my book, and I scurried out of my den. I ran to where my brother's den was and knocked loudly on the door. My brother looked through the peephole and said, "What's the password?" I rolled my eyes. I don't have time for this Mighty... I thought. "Whatevers 2009, now let me in!" I yelled.

"Okay, okay sheesh sis!" Mighty said, opening the door to let me in. "Why are your stuff packed up? Where are you going?" He bombarded me with questions. "I'm going to the Moonlight Forest," I replied calmly. Mighty looked at me with disbelief, and it was only a millisecond before he started laughing like an idiot. "What's so funny?!" I growled. "Nothing, it's just- the Moonlight Forest isn't real sis!" He laughed and started choking on his saliva. "Now that's what I call funny!" I said, chuckling at his dramatic "death". "Kay, anyways, are you coming with me or not?!" "Only to prove you wrong." "Now pack up your things." Mighty speedily packed up his posters of Pewdiepie, chocolates, his laptop for some reason, and his picture of Obama. "Do you really need those?" I rolled my eyes. "Come on, Vicky, you know I don't leave Pewdiepie behind!" "Whatever, now let's go before the Alphas see us!" I yelled. Mighty put his backpack on his back, and we started our journey to the Moonlight Forest.

First, we quietly traveled to Jamaa Township, being careful not to wake anyone up. then, we traveled into The Lost Temple of Zios, which was really creepy at night. I shuddered at the sight of the broken Zios statue. We then hurried to Coral Canyons, which was the exit of Jamaa. I took a deep breath, and me and Mighty stepped into the outskirts of Jamaa, but we never knew that this journey would be a very, very surprising one indeed.

Part II: Journey to the Moonlight Forest

We walked around for several hours until dawn. "Can we find water? I'm really thirsty!" Mighty complained, sticking his tongue out. "Fine," I replied. Me and Mighty ran to the closest body of water, which was a river, and drank from it. "Ah, I missed you water!" Mighty said, happily gulping down. I scooted away, weirded out from him. As I drank some more water, we suddenly heard beautiful singing. "What is that?" Mighty asked, with a dreamy look in his eyes. "River sirens," I whispered, grabbing my sword from my backpack. As I looked around, three beautiful foxes appeared. "Come with us, Mighty~" said one of the fox sirens, holding out a paw. "O-okay," "Mighty, DON'T!" I yelled. I pulled out my sword from my back and sliced the siren's head off. The other sirens looked terrified and started attacking me with their razor sharp teeth. Holy crap, they're even worse then described in books! I thought, swinging my sword against one, killing it. There was only one siren left, and boy, was she the worst. She transformed into a huge beast, with fangs and everything. "Holy shizzlemania..." I said, backing away. Just then, a sword pierced through it's chest, and it dropped down, dead.

Standing behind it was Mighty, standing on a rock, trying to look epic. "Let's just go," I said, rolling my eyes. "Careful sis, if you roll your eyes too much, they'll get stuck looking up," Mighty 'reminded' me, chuckling. "Idiot," I replied, taking my book out of my backpack. "Now, there should be a bridge around here somewhere..." I said, looking around. I found it and scampered towards it. "Mighty, come over here," I yelled. Mighty came over and we walked to the other side. We traveled some more until we arrived at a dead looking valley. I opened my book, flipping to the map. "It says we're in the Valley of-"

"GIANTS!" Mighty yelled.

I turned around and saw a group of giant rhinos running into us. "RUN!" I yelled, grabbing Mighty's paw and running the heck out of there. I looked behind me, and saw the giant trying to keep up. I saw a forest ahead of us and, as fast as Mira's wings, quickly hid behind the bark of a tree with some grapes growing everywhere. Mighty sat down to rest, and I did too. "Finally, food!" I sighed and grabbed some of the grapes and started chewing on them. Mighty did too. "I'm gonna go sleep," Mighty said, plopping his head onto the ground and snoring loudly. I felt sleepy, too, and my eyes started to droop. Then, the darkness known as sleep consumed me.

I woke up to Mighty shaking me as hard as he can. "STOP SHAKING ME, YOU IDIOT!" I screamed. "We're locked up right next to a purple dragon!" I looked to my side, and sure enough, there was a dragon looking at us with fierce crystal-like eyes. I yelped and hid behind Mighty.

However, despite what we thought, the dragon actually let us OUT. "Oh my Mira, thank you so much!" I said happily. Mighty then unlocked the dragon's chains with a bobby pin, and we all rejoiced.

That was cut short when we heard the sound of giant footsteps.

"W-What the heck is that?" Mighty asked, frightened. "Obviously something big... we need to get out now!" I yelled. "Wait, is something burning?" I asked, and looked over at the exit.

It was a large fire dragon!

"Crap, crap, crap! It looks like it's corrupted!" I said, frightened. "This was a bad idea, we never should have come here!" Mighty screamed. "Calm down, calm down, I know how to defeat it." A voice said. Me and Mighty both looked up, realizing the dragon had just spoke.

"Y-You can talk?" I stammered. "Obviously. Anyways, the only way to defeat a corrupt dragon is normal fire."

"Wha-" I was interrupted when the fire dragon summoned a dark fire circle, closing in on us fast. Both Mighty and me screamed. "Hop onto my back!" The purple dragon shouted. Mighty went first, and as I climbed onto it's back, the dragon took off as fast as it can. As we flew, the corrupt fire dragon followed us, dangerously close. Mighty grabbed a torch from the prison walls and threw it at the red dragon behind us. A blinding light then flashed, causing us to cover our eyes. When I looked back, I saw that the dragon had frosty winds covering it, instead of flames.

"Thank goodness we escaped that thing," I sighed in relief. "Excuse me, Mr. Dragon, do you happen to know where the Moonlight Forest is?" asked Mighty. "Yes, but it's rather far from here. We still need to face four more obstacles before we get there." replied the dragon. "Ugh, I wanna go back home and connect with Wi-Fi and play my video games and watch PewDiePie's new videos!" Mighty complained. "Seriously? Who needs to do that when we're riding on a living, breathing, dragon?" I replied. "Good point, sis." Mighty yawned, and started to sleep. I stayed awake, in case there was any danger. I brought out my book on what obstacles, or places, we have to face next.

It said,

The Land of the Golden Flowers.

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