Ok guys I'm new I'm limegreen bushbaybe/fungirl100lovestwd/on aj hope u like my story! : )

                 THE WOLFS HOWL  chapter one

I wake up to check my animal jam. It shows the loading screen. Loading please wait... .OMG HURRY UP: she groaned :

she Findlay logs in : Ok hmmm??what should I do today. what about a wolf clan oh I love wolfs!!!

TAYLOR!!! COME AND EAT!!! Her mom shouts. OK!! She walks down stairs and looks out the glass door. Gasp!! OH COOL!: she sees a wolf :

                 SORRY LITTLE WOLF chapter two
She eats the food that her mom cooks, and runs up stairs to her room.

Gets back on aj. Greedy?? : he was standing there saying come if you love wolfs none else was in Jamaa : AND SHE WENT.... greedy pulled thou the screen and turned her into him and he was her.

                               THE END PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT AND SOME TIPS 
                                                   THANK YOU
                                                      : )

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